Xplotter and Blago miner on 32 bit operating system

  • I got a cute little 2n1 laptop and I thought I would try to use it as either a plotter and/or miner. When I ran the Xplotter 1.0 it said the program would not run with the version of windows I was using. The @Blago miner said the same. I looked into the computer's system page and it said the processor was an Intel Atom x64 bit processor but it said the Windows was a 32 bit operating system.

    Is there a windows upgrade or is the architecture of the computer what determines the 32 bit system?

    Can either the miner or the xplotter be configured to be run on a 32 bit system?

  • you just need to install windows 64 bit version by the looks of your problem and usually 32 and 64 bit share the same license per PC so you should not need to pay for it. Software here uses 64 bit and its more efficient, more data throughput and uses less energy to compute; leading to longer lifespan and less heat. There is a few miners here in 32bit but i haven't seen a plotter. Personally i think it'd be so slow anyhow.

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