Where can I find old android wallet versions?

  • After the last two updates I can´t use the android wallet anymore, I just get a white screen.
    I would like to roll back to the last version that worked for me.

  • I was getting the white screen too. I uninstalled, then re-installed today, and now it seems to be working for me.

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  • @IceBurst is probably your best bet. hes the android wallet go to guy

  • admin

    @Lexicon @Blago I could recompile the old version again but I think we should wait for a good solution for everybody.

  • @Lexicon
    I know, I have already told him about my problems. The last update he made was for fixing the white screen bug. It fixed it for my smartphone but not for my tablet. The problem is, I can´t mine on my smartphone because it does not support flash, my tablet does but gets the white screen xD

    @Vneck I tried reinstalling, but still only the withe screen appears

    @daWallet Could you please send me the old version? I am a very sad panda atm because I can´t mine on my tablet with it´s new 64GB sd card. I was so desperate, I even tried to use the arm tools miner, but the termux terminal is not suported on my device.

  • I'm here to help,

    • Flash is not a requirement for plotting or mining.
    • I have seen a couple of bug crash reports that I am working on a fix for expect this in the next 48 hours.

    I don't like sad pandas, I'll turn the frown upside down.


  • @IceBurst good to know that someone is figthing in the trenches for the happieness of pandas :D

    @IceBurst said in Where can I find old android wallet versions?:

    Flash is not a requirement for plotting or mining

    Isn´t the "please login so we can obtain your burst ID" error flash related?
    I get this on my smartphone when I try to plot or mine.

  • I'm guessing it's an old phone? We use the DOM v3 model with is supported in Android 4.4 or greater. If you have an older phone it can't extract the numericID from the wallet. Sorry about that, it is on my list but with all the recent evolutions of the wallet and some other burst projects I'm working on it's been tough.

    Not appropriate for this thread but here's sneak peak of an analytics tool.



  • ​New Version 2.1.5 is released. I found a bug in the Wallet Finder tool that was causing some crashes. I'll watch my reports to ensure I nipped this one in the bud. Please let me know if this turns Sad Panda's into Happy Pandas


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