PH Patient Video "Long Day, Need Oxygen."

  • Published on Mar 18, 2017

    "Long Day, Need Oxygen."

    Here is another one.

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    Frances Reyes

  • I hope you felt better and was able to enjoy the party :)

  • @erangel Yeah, I was able to enjoy the party.... But took too much out of me... I'm feeling much better now!

    And today is a new day and a new battle I must face! :-)


  • @erangel also, this is the latest video I made, and no one commented on YouTube from my subscribed yet?! 300 Bursts still pending to be claim for this Burst Promo I'm doing for all my YouTube subscriber and Burst Family!!!

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  • I am tempted to comment "FIRST!"
    but it doesn't feel right :)

  • @erangel lol, it's all good, I learned to live my life with this disease, but I'm not going to just give up the fight to be happy and continue to live my life!!! :-)


  • @erangel You didn't give me your Burst Wallet address?! Reply to my reply in youtube with your Burst wallet address!!! And congrats on your 300 Burst!!! :-)


  • @CesBurst1782 Thank you, yeah I didn't think it through and forgot to write the address in the first comment, lol

  • @erangel lol, it's good!!! Enjoy the 300 Burst and more videos to come!!! I'm doing this because I love my Burst family, I really think this coin deserved more in value!!!! That's why I'm doing this YouTube promo and Burst Promo together!! :-)

    Thanks again!!!

    "And Be Happy."


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