BURSTCoin Future | Some questions.

  • What's up guys.

    Im not new in the community, but i was offline by months, and well i just come back with some extra HDDS, and a new nikname in the forum.

    I saw it just remains 20% of the total burst ammount minned. Someone knows how much time it will took to mine that 20% left? Cuz i saw nowadays there are some big boys with a lot of TBs..

    And another question. What will happends when we end with the burstcoin mining? Will the price of Burstcoin rise in the exchanges?

    Thanks you all, and i saw the community have some little issues with some bad boys. Hope everything can go in a good way, soon.

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    Mining will not stop as long as the network is used for transactions. Every transaction costs a fee and the fee are mined, too.

  • @daWallet Well that sounds amazing i think.
    So as long as the newtowrk is used for transactions ( and i think it will used for it always, right? ) we can continue mining ..

    What happends if the fee is getting bigger?

    And it means this, we will have burst mining for a lot of years yet?
    Thanks you.

  • @Selected Miners will be rewarded as long as there are Burst transactions. So it could be for centuries, who knows ?

  • The ever growing asset eco-system that BURST has will ensure that transactions will continue for decades or centuries I hope. Also I see that in the last time more people are trying to sell things on the burst forums marketplace which is very good for the burst economy. Overall I see a very bright future for this coin and community!

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