[Poll] Age verification for Asset Issuers

  • I am in favour of Age verification and that it should be a simple 18, regardless of where in the World they are. Let's remember the T&C for Poloniex are 18, and for a lot of Assets not being able to use Poly would be a problem.


  • Does anyone know what laws govern all this? I mean isnt jurisdiction where the server is? What is legal and what is not?

  • Sorry for being away so "long"! Had to deal with my own youngster first!-) Birthday/party's and stuff.

    @keyd0s @haitch I realized that my poll is somewhat flawed! Still, I'd like to take what we've got from it which is "age 18"!

    Out of respect for haitch hosting this forum and verifying it's users/asset issuers and for getting definitive answers once and for all I propose a 3Step voting process! and I'll do the scary "at Everyone" thing!-)


      1. everybody should be allowed to advertise his or her Asset in this Forum
      1. only verified forum members should be allowed to advertise his or her Asset in this forum

    Second: (the outcome of the first vote has no real impact on this one! Since 1. would not exclude optional verifing)

      1. allow all Asset Issuer for verification process
      1. Asset issuers under the age of 18 are not allowed for verification process

    Third: (only if "Second: 1." gets the majority!)

      1. mark verification "tokens" for under 18 years old Asset Issuers
      1. dont mark verification "tokens" for under 18 years old Asset Issuers

    I think we'll have to run them all for a week to give everybody a real chance to vote! (including a weekend)
    And I think we're not in a hurry! Are we?! First and second could even be run together!

    Please let me know if you can find other flaws in my thinking!-) Otherwise I'll start the first one today, Monday night!

    @tross I think we're pretty much on "open grounds" here! However, if I remember my "tracerouts" correctly and according to this we should be good!

  • @nixxda I would be happy with the above process, so long as while the process is being debated / voted on that no new Asset Threads are allowed for anyone who is not Verified or who is < 18.


  • @RichBC I count on haitch's good judgment there! If this situation even comes up!
    Also, the only way to do this is, if it is made a retroactive decision!

  • @nixxda In practice it's entirely up to haitch. I am just suggesting that while we are debating we don't run the risk of allowing an Asset to be listed that we then immediately wish we had not.

    Quite separately once we have decided, will need to choose what to do about any existing Thread / Asset that does not meet the new guidelines.

    And.... I don't mean exposing them, trashing the share price and grassing them up to Poloniex.


  • I think they are forgetting a very important thing, in the forum is not made any economic transaction this is not an exchange, it is only about whether or not to allow its publication that I do not think is the same regulation that applies to poloniex.

    On the other hand anyone can set up a web page and develop their asset there and it depends on the investor if you want to risk or not.

  • @Energy yes, exactly that!-) the only thing we can vote is if we want to allow "Advertisement" from unverified Asset issuers here on this forum and if we want the age of an verified Issuer to be shown publicly on this forum!
    This does not mean that we take any legal responsibility! More of an moral one for this forum I'd say!

  • admin

    @nixxda I like your proposal, feel free to go ahead with it.

    @RichBC - I agree no new assets by unverified/under 18 issuers while this is being voted on.

    I'll go along with whatever the majority decides on.

  • @nixxda

    If age verification goes through it could do well to make it Country dependent.
    There are many lands and tribal nations where there are no banksters controlling things
    nor governments pushing their laws.
    Also to make a rash decision based upon one "potentially failed youngster" in how
    they could be the cause of theft/negligence might not be the best time to make a decision.
    There had been a bunch of supposedly "adults" running off with hundreds and thousands of dollars.
    This also dissuades youngsers to create assets to be used amongst their friends for fun.
    Having the "option" for people of any age to get "verified" and provide other forms of actions to instill trust that they are and will conduct themselves in an honorable manner could be a good way for ones
    wanting to obtain assets to make a sound decision.


  • @MikeMike look at it this way, we are investing hundreds and even thousands of $ in someone we know mostly nothing about!
    And a minor is just more likely to lose interest, get distracted (by a girl most probably) or have some other a big change in his or her live!
    So its not only about jurisdiction it would also tell something about there state of mind!
    Knowing that your dealing with a miner could also be an advertisement for him! And you'd like to invest your 10k with him! Just maybe not your 200k straight away without asking questions!-)

    Saying all this is "nice" but we also need to cover our asses! Right now most of crypto is totally "open grounds" I'd think! So going ahead an setting an good example how we'd like to deal with it would be the best way!

    And who would get the blame you think if a legal dispute ever comes up and you tell the judge that you gave away 100Mil Burst to someone without asking his age and they ran away with it? They'd probably not even blame you they would just lough at you!-)

    This being a very international forum does not make a Country dependent "age limit" very practical! But your right of course, age does not make a person "honorable" in general! I lost several 50k's to all of the ages! And the one I lost to a youngster hurts the least!-)

    What I'm trying to do is to push our community to a decision which has been brewing for a while and will continue to do so if we dont act! And whatever the decision is in the end, we did something!

    Me personally would like to see those "proud crypto youngster" banners flying!

    random thought's......

  • @nixxda

    You are reiterating all that had already been said, and "get it".
    Just offering my some other things to consider.
    What I did notice in your reply was a lot of "!" and the words "push our community to a decision".
    I am for open discussion and if something is done it should be well thought out to consider
    all factors.

  • when will this decision be made? this has been going on for awhile now, just curious...

  • @nixxda What's wrong with "miners"? I am mining now.

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