Changed my Pool from and now the miner does not start with any other pool.

  • Hello guys. I just changed my Pool, to test another pools and see my profit. But now the miner doesn't load and does not start mining.

    I set the reward correctly, as always. I reinstalled my wallet and re-downloaded all the blockchain. And the miner does not start.


    What's going on? Can anyone help me?

  • It happens if you cant connect to the pool (address/port), make sure that the address and the port is right.

  • I'm trying and the address is 0_1489599754058_upload-10b39892-c4ed-41eb-908c-bacb12ba2fc6

    The address that comes with the wallet. Still got nothing.


  • I manually changed some addresses from %appdata% and the issue was solved. Ty @MrWho for the help. Maybe I'll come back to BustNeon.

  • Sounds good, you are everytime welcome Egidiuis. lovely regards.

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