Network Quality dropping to 0%%


    @haitch - If you are around, or anyone else that might know!? In reference to the above post, I am experiencing the same issue. When I start the miner from the Burst Client the network quality is at 100%, then it slowly drops to 0%%. I am receiving blocks, but I always get DL: Unconfirmed if I don't restart the miner manually once a DL is found. That only works when siting in front of the computer and starring at it all the time.... anything I can do?!

    Is it because I am plotting at the same time I am mining??

    0_1489598080972_Network Quality.jpg

  • It doesnt influence the mining process if you plotting beside, you can ignore the message, it disappear after your plot is done, I look at the pool side, seems they miss some block (gaps), seems to be a server side problem currently on it. lovely regards.

  • admin

    @gwagner im going to reboot the router to see if that clears the connection issue - but that wont happen until im in the same city as the router. Probably Friday

  • @haitch - Ok, looking forward to clearing the connection up. Love to stay in the pool, but can't swim when the network is down! Ha!

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