Why haitch verified Kids for issuing assets? or its any misunderstanding going on!!

  • i just gotta know many kids are there in asset exchange issued assets and haitch verified is this allowed that any age can issue assets or they using batch without verification?

  • @dvndr007 which assets are you referring to?

  • I see nothing wrong with it. He just verified their identity and their address. Of course i would recommend them people at least let the investors know what age they are. But take it like this. If he would not verify them you would not even know their age.

  • @potkas I am not comfortable with "Kids" issuing Assets and raised this with @haitch some time ago, after the rapidfire, "My Dad says I have got to stop" mess.

    His verification is just identity and address and although gaining this information usually reveals age, being under age does not seem to disqualify you.

    Burst Nation seems to have set in place a firm Underage no Asset Thread policy which I would have preferred to have seen here, but at the end of the Day it's haitch's decision.

    Perhaps it should be discussed and revisited? To enforce this would effectively mean making verification mandatory to have an an Asset Thread, which again I would be happy with, but when last discussed many were against.

    Need to remember that there is no mechanism from preventing anyone releasing an Asset, only the promotion on this Forum could be controlled.


  • @RichBC i would not invest in assets like that as well. But as you said its no way to know without verification whats their age is... and no one can control who releases asset without verification. So i do not think its haitches fault.. he just does verification...

  • @iKnow0 Energizer mining asset, Elite and some more assets owners are 15 year old kids are they eligible to carry that resposibility ?

  • The question is to invest or not to invest? or with whom to trust your money with?
    Haitch's verification plays a good factor in trusting the issuer, regardless of age. Haitch cannot be blamed at all if a verified member runs away with money or being a kid, after all it is your judgment (as investor) to invest there.

    What that thief/spammer is doing is trying to show that they care about their investors, not mentioning how many investors he screwed and how much money he stole (not so long ago). Well, Gambling assets are worse than a kid playing with your money BTW, the kid might talented and return some money, while you're not!

    Promoting burstnation by pointing "mistakes" of this forum is the only cheap way he is able to do. My question to that duecbag is: Who approves or denies assets made by yourself or your minions and by who's judgement? is it potential growth (like any sane person will foreseen) or your personal judgement?

    @dvndr007 I beg you, take your question somewhere else! We are sick of this cheap plays.

  • i reckon the question is completely valid. i thought we didn't do censorship here.

    Luke for one is planning another 2 assets. he already has 2 up and running. and it bothers me that he will have 4 after this.

    people need to learn to walk before they can run. and i for one based on history wouldn't be comfortable putting my money with a kid. that cant be held responsible.

    im 27. ive been here for 5 months. im a strong member of the community and i only have 1 asset. compared to a kid releasing a new one every few weeks for 10k usd in total. when the previous one hasnt even been finished yet

    i remember some time ago we had someone who was approved by their parents. only to go missing with all the asset funds. personally i dont like this risk.

    it still doesnt stop the fact that we have children gambling on the casino's we have up. im betting that theres a few on the btcdragon casino as well and im wondering what due diligence is done to stop this.

    its naive to completely trust a child. whilst yeah they may be smart. there brains are still developing. and are extremely prone to make mistakes. i personally would rather have a safeguard in place to protect children from setting up assets on there own. cause what happens when one of these turns out to be a scam. or there mom says it has to stop. all of that responsibility will go onto that childs shoulders.

    please think about this logically and as an adult. i wouldn't want my kids taking thousands of thousands of pounds from people on the internet, without my knowledge. and if i was an investor knowing the age (if they are under age) would be information invaluable to a decision in investing in any asset

  • @Lexicon yep but how does that make haitch responsible? He does verifies the id of a person regardless of age! He does not say to anyone yes you can /cannot open an asset. And as long as i know there is no way to stop someone opening hes own asset. He can do it with or without verification as well! Its up to any investor to have a look what are they invest in so please Lexicon stop blaming Haitch for something what is a possible solution for a problem you want to address! The same stuff with the casinos! Its their sole responsibility to ensure there are no underage users... Just like in real life or you want to say that the president of a country is responsible because a casino owner lets a kid play at hes casino despite the law forbidding it? so as long as Haitch is not a casino owner its not hes fault!

  • Y'all know by now that i don't like to take sides in these discussions...

    However, this time i will make a small exception and make a comment : take a look at the Helium asset. The next release was supposed to be 25 burst per share and yet the kid(?) dumped a ton at 15 and is still selling ever since ...even now. That is no bueno!

    Sad part for me is that i told Mr Grey just a few days back to look into this asset, and he even bought some. Mr Grey is angry...i don't like an angry Mr Grey, especially when directed at me :D

    My point is that as soon as the issuer of Helium was exposed, he panic dumped A LOT of his asset...

    I want to remain neutral so i'll say this as my final words:

    @haitch , keep on doing what you're doing, but please consider warning people when minors get verified and start issuing assets from now on. You're not to blame for what is happening now, but you will in the future if this doesn't change

  • @potkas i havnt blame anyone for this. and never mentioned H's name once. im just pointing out the obvious.

    i never said Haitch should take responsibility for the casino underage users either. however what could be worrying is if these casinos get shut down due to a kid using them thats another asset thats going to get shutdown.

    please see the logic in my response. so your saying that a kid of 5 years old can come on here. and start up an asset with no verification from the parents. and the asset issuers being told nothing about this?

    why should investors be left in the dark on this as well. they are paying good money for an asset they need to believe in. the logic in this is flawed. im sure @IceBurst will have his worries about this as well

  • admin

    @dvndr007 As previously discussed when I proposed making ID Verification mandatory, there was a strong push back on the idea - the community didn't want censorship of who could provide an asset - therefore, anyone can.

    The Verified status merely indicates that the person has provided verifiable identity information - it's not a comment on the validity of the asset being issued or the ability of the person to maintain the asset. You still need to do your own research on the asset - ID Verified does not indicate the validity of the asset, only the identity of the issuer.

  • @rnahlawi Sir first i m not blaming haitch with respect haitch had done great work for community i appritiate that questioning is not blaming dont take it in wrong way i questioned in both forums i questioned nation admins too but their are lot of investors who invested and they dont know they invested on assets runned by kids haitch doing his job and did it great in best way he can if someone is haitch verified we trust him blindly!!
    15 yr old kids using haitch logo maybe haitch missed something or something we dont know just want to know thats it nothing else dont take everything as an attack i am a simple member and investor here and there nothing else why i attack where i invest, the coin i choose to invest may be you take it in wrong way~

  • @nameless I agree and if it is know they are a minor which is under 18 yrs or under 21 yrs depending on your country/state then it should be stated on the OP, No its not Hiatch's responsibility and as it is said anyone can launch a asset, but I agree that if they are know to be a minor then it should be stated, some kids have more brains than alot of people in cryptos, so not to dismiss that they might have a great plan or idea!! As for me Im just old!!

  • @dvndr007 @haitch only ever did identity verification, age verification is a completely different issue. Maybe you are confused with the language barrier. However it would be good to know the age and country of anyone issuing an asset.

  • @iKnow0 how is it verifying identity when your not verifying someones age. technically someones age is a part of their identity as well as location. poloniex wants my age to go with my proof of identity. this is key information for a dox

  • I really don't think @haitch should be blamed for anything of this. He has verified the identity of these kids, nothing more and nothing less. I think that It's in the investors' interest to actually ask the asset "owner/starter" these kinds of questions before investing.

    Let us learn something from this instead, if you're an investor you can ask these kinds of questions yourself, don't blame others.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but is there a rule that says that underage can't start an asset? And in the future @haitch could maybe verify if the asset starter is over the age of 18 also, and if an asset starter is underage that should be stated in the asset thread itself.

  • @Lexicon I agree, but as I stated previously an age verification process was never offered as there is currently no age limit. One might have infered it to be the case, but the assumption would have been wrong as was the case with @dvndr007. Every culture in the world has different ideas as to what an adult is some its 13 some its 21, Burst is a global project so one must adjust to a global mindset.

  • All I'm going to say is, haitch knew they were kids because of the verification and it's important for all of us to have this information.

    The risk of sending our hard earned money to kids is just too high!

  • @Zeus The core issue is there is no "code of practice" for issuing assets, I suggested this before as an option to help stop people being caught up in scams. I would welcome it if there was one.

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