[ANN] Helium - LocalBitcoins.com Exchange Asset!

  • Asset Name: Helium
    Status: Inactive - In buy back mode
    Supply: 1,000,000

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Asset is currently in buy back mode. Please do not purchase any shares, as there will not be any more dividends.

    Currently Bought Back: 979,094 Shares


    Repayment Notice:
    Hey guys,
    I am currently buying back all the shares that were originally sold, so I will pay back the value of the Burst you originally paid in Burst + 10% (and minus what I have already paid).
    For example, if you originally paid 15 Burst per share, take away 4 Burst per share (which is the current value of what I gave out via dividends) which then gives you 11 Burst per share. The value of what this was when I originally exchanged this is what you will get back. This value at this rate is 7.5 Burst per share. Then by adding that 10% you get 8.25 Burst per share, which I think works the best because you are still making 10% profit. All of these calculations are as of right now and I will make exact calculations for each individual.

    Of course I will need your order ID/trans ID so I can calculate how much I will need to pay you back.
    This works best for all of us since it will be paying back the same amount of value in Burst because Burst is now worth more than it was. This is very complicated and most likely quite confusing for you to read so as always if you have any questions just let me know and I will respond to the best of my ability.

    Please transfer the shares to BURST-K8HT-WUR5-CWP9-B8QZT and either add a message the includes your transaction and order ID or post it here and let me know your Burst address so I know who it is from and who to pay.

    General Notice to my current investors:
    Hello everyone;
    Thank you for being a part of my asset and such a huge support in it's development and it's success.
    I sincerely thank you for everything you have done for me all throughout this, it has been an extraordinary learning experience for me and for many others.

    Even with all the ups and downs we had, it still all ended well, unlike (many) had though/assumed just because I am only 16 years old. This did not stop me from making the most out of it for the benefit of all of us.

    All in all, I wish you all the best for your future ventures and for the final time (on this asset),
    Happy Bursting! :)

    ~ Christian J. Ellis, of Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • One share sold! Haha whoever invested is going to get a more than 5000% ROI (literally XD)

  • @cjellis245 Afraid the "Whale" just bought the lot and is trying to resell at 220.....


  • @RichBC I'm sorry I don't follow

  • @cjellis245 Have a look at your Asset.

  • @RichBC I'm confused, I have only sold one share of Helium and Elite has not made any sales since yesterday.

  • what happens if someone refunds money and you get scammed?

  • @cjellis245 Are you running an Online Wallet? If so it's probably not up to date. The remainder of your shares, 49,999 have been eaten by a well known Whale who is now selling them for 220. Hopefully there will be no buyers.


  • @RichBC Whos the whale lol?

  • @mathew That will come out of my pocket

  • And @RichBC my wallet on my pc must not be up to date yet

  • @cjellis245
    For large trade volumes, the Bank can block your card and money on her for "suspicious transactions"!
    You need to think about how to protect themselves and their investors.
    Therefore, I believe that the asset is very good, but it's too risky...

  • @cjellis245 I would release some more shares at a lower price, say 15 that will really piss him off, or he may just buy them as well, but you can then repeat at an even lower price, as you will have plenty to trade with. :-)


  • @RichBC said in [ANN] Helium - LocalBitcoins.com Exchange Asset!:

    @mathew 0_1489272845831_helium-Sale.jpg

    Do we know who that is? Looking at his owned assets and hes invested quite a lot into many assets as well as he has 7 million burst!

  • @mathew I don't know who he is, to me he is Just Mr Whale..... Buys big to trade, high risk but high reward.

  • I don't think anyone knows who he is lol. Just put another 50k shares up for 20 burst each

  • Has anyone else been experiencing issues with this website lately?

  • @cjellis245 said in [ANN] Helium - LocalBitcoins.com Exchange Asset!:

    Has anyone else been experiencing issues with this website lately?

    yeah, currently large storm going on as well as hes fixing things

  • @cjellis245 Should have put them up at less than 20.....

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