Got myself stuck.

  • Hi,

    I've just finished plotting my first WD MY BOOK 3tb drive, and I've written the following :

    wplotgenerator 6645808285052545103 0 10240000 52000 7

    so It looks like this:


    I have more WD MY BOOK 3TB drives ready to plot, so I guess my first question is, how do I follow on from this with the other drives, what would the next plotting code line need to start with and end on to keep producing these 2.5tb plots.

    My second question, is, how the hell do I start mining lol, been stuck for a while, I have the windows burst wallet downloaded. When I click start mining there are no plots found.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, I've been trolling videos for a while and can't seem to get started.

  • @mrnewtothis24 6645808285052545103 10240000 10240000 52000 7
    I also highly recommend You to optimize it to another HDD and after delete the original one. For the second plot, the line above should be ok.

  • Thank you. Just another note, got the first one mining.... but it failed first of all, and gave loads of errors. It is now looking better but I was wondering if I had the updater address right:


  • What do You mean by: "update the address" ? You continue to add nonce's to the same address; Billions, Trillions... as much as you can. You can also mine in the same machine with multiple addresses but in the same instance of the miner, all addresses have to be pointed to the same pool.
    And unless you mine for someone else also, why would you split your hashing power? You can do that hoping to get and edge over other miners but is not worthy. A single nuke is more efficient then a million bows and arrows :)

  • sorry what i mean is the updater address when you configure the mining software. Its currently set to the same as the pool address.

  • @mrnewtothis24 Paste Your CONF file here.
    Do not forget to delete Your passphrase if You added also :)

  • {
    "Mode" : "pool",
    "Server" : "",
    "Port": 8124,

    "UpdaterAddr" : "",
    "UpdaterPort": "8124",

    "InfoAddr" : "",
    "InfoPort": "8124",

    "EnableProxy": false,
    "ProxyPort": 8126,

    "CacheSize" : 40000,
    "ShowMsg" : false,
    "ShowUpdates" : false,

    "Debug": true,
    "UseHDDWakeUp": true,

    "SendBestOnly": true,
    "TargetDeadline": 4000000,

    "UseFastRcv" : false,
    "SendInterval": 100,
    "UpdateInterval": 950,

    "UseLog" : true,
    "ShowWinner" : false,
    "UseBoost" : false,

    "WinSizeX": 76,
    "WinSizeY": 60

  • I think it's right now though, I can see my miner in the current shares and historic shares on the pool page :)

  • @mrnewtothis24 said in Got myself stuck.:
    Replace "InfoAddr" : "", with: "InfoAddr" : "",
    also: "ShowWinner" : false, with "ShowWinner" : true,

    Replacing this 2 lines You will get at the end of every block the winner of the previous. Do not affect also your mining performance (good or bad).

  • That's great, thank you :)

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