Burst Android App

  • Is the Android app still being supported? I cannot login.


  • yes it is the mobile wallet was/is being DDoS'd

  • Everything appears to be back up but the Android App.

    Kind of sucks. I was just getting some friends involved with burst with their Androids, now they don't have much confidence.

  • admin

    @Benutzer The mobile wallet was being hammered, should be good now

  • When I try to plot on the Android it says " pleas login in so we can obtain your Numeric ID for plotting"

    I'm already logged in.

    Any idea what is wrong?


  • @Benutzer what device you using I get this on my old nexus running 4.2.2 witch I think support is only 4.4 and up

  • Yea, it is an older Nexxus. The same think was happening on my sons newer android phone.

  • @Benutzer

    Having the same exact issue "numeric ID for Plotting" on my Android tablet

    Been having nothing but problems with the android wallet and windows wallets for the last week and half. I've had my 2tb drive since Tuesday and still cant get to mining.

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