Online wallets down?

  • Getting a weird error

    0_1488954892456_upload-0737d3cc-e0d3-4a5d-8bba-548736f3575a Obviously I still have internet..
    am I the only one getting this ?

  • @darindarin working for me mate!!

  • I am not sure i rebooted computer.. went to log back in and gave me that error.. i am so perplexed. i even downloaded the wallet on a work computer with a different ip and tried to get in and same thing..
    that one looks like this
    0_1488955426708_upload-eec00919-1f8a-4386-ac7e-108ee330d001 so i figured it couldnt just be me.....or could it? ha

  • I am getting it as well

  • Main PC with different version of wallet...

    anyone else dare shut their wallet off and re-log?

  • This website, a few pools and the wallet are being ddos'ed at this moment!

  • i got in finally. haha

  • Anyone still havving problems? I still cant get in

  • @gersey My wallet has not been working either. Can still mine but no gui, just,

    "This page can’t be displayed"

    ETA a couple minutes after hitting the submit button on this post, the wallet started working, thank you God, lol.

  • My online wallet will not work either. Says that my local is syncing. I too can mine.

    HaHa....just as the post above mine wallet works now for me! And as soon as I hit submit. All seems good.

  • my wallet is working now but im scared to close it .. :(

  • admin

    @darindarin I'm being hammered by spam so traffic damn fast - trying to manage it.

  • @haitch you need an assistant and a cold beer

  • admin

    @darindarin I spent more than 50% of my work day driving, and the balance doing physical labor - just wasn't able to be online to day

    But damn I need that cold beer !

  • @haitch yikes.. my day wasnt pleasant but .. i am glad i am not dealing with what you are.. and the physical labor thing .. not jealous!

  • well i can get into the wallet but i cannot make any transactions.. i cannot access exchange .. i can mine.. but differed payments dont even show up in wallet but show paid in full in pool. haha.
    what to do what to do..

  • admin

    @darindarin I'll trigger payouts later - if it shows in the pool, it'll be paid.

  • @haitch never thought that would be an issue.. i have read about and witnessed your dedication and commitment here. makes me really believe i your assets as well. :)

  • admin

    @darindarin thanks for the vote of confidence - past week has been hard.

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