Good times to buy?

  • @socalguy ah ok start buying

  • @HiDevin Like i said when we hitted +100 sat was when all this splitting started and that didn't seemed to affect much the price... Ofc that will affect it if it keeps going but that's why we need to fix this issues asap and like @socalguy said there are some people working in solutions and everyone can brainstorm about potencially solutions and that may make a light to turn on in a Dev head and alow him to solve the problem ;D

  • @gpedro Money is money, sometimes your best friend will disown you because of money, some of my family did that to me as they "had" money, now they dont and dont have many friends haha

    We're dealing with a steady currency here, I assumed the drop would continue but it seems to have risen, I get payed next week, im buying burst for sure, Id do it now if I had the money, this is cheap burst, we probably wont see much of in the coming months, the community is growing here so assume the best and hope it does, like I am :)

  • @Hect0r the lowest I seen BURST at was 60 sats I came when Burst was 130 sats so its scary seeing it this way tbh i thought the whole time the coin would be stable at 100 sat.

  • @HiDevin I was here before it hit exchanges, trust me this price is nothing, I will personally put my money where my mouth is and buy this cheap burst on friday, Ill post a screen shot.

    I estimate it will go up a little, steady and drop back down, then it will begin its climb over to 500 satoshis, maybe 1 or two ups and downs but its going back their :)

  • @Hect0r 500 sats? must be a dream to me I dont think its going to happen, maybe 150 sats at most.

  • @HiDevin It is a dream, you can quote me on it if you like, I see it within 1 year heading to 500 or more, im in here for the long run so ill just keep buying and buying, Ive seen it happen so many times, Im just trusting my instinct !

  • The coin is tied more to the USD. It stays stable at 10k BURST = $10usd.
    Fluctuations of the coin is usually due to bitcoin swinging up and down.

  • @HiDevin when i discovered burst it was around 40-45 sat if i am not mystaken... If i remember correctly that 130 sat was a pike and one of the all time high pikes so i guess you first discover burst at a bad time to buy xP

    500 sat i think it's possible until the end of the year if we solve this network issues fast enough to have time to grow that much until the end of the year ;D

  • @HiDevin I think 60 sat is a bit too low as it bounced back recently and won't fall that hard for some time unless bitcoin will go way up again. I'm buying 75 and selling at 80 atm (and of course keeping around 90% of burst^^). I think you will be able to buy at 70 sat sometime soon maybe even 65 but I doubt it goes lower then this.
    I do believe we will get over 500sat this year and this will be price where a lot of ppl dump their coin and make it possible to reach even higher in the future^^ So my advice is to buy as much as possible now as when it hits ~170 sat again it won't ever go lower than 100, then it will hit ~200 and won't go lower then 150. Burst is progressing slowly to its well deserved glory^^

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