Better to mine multiple machines with same wallet or not in same pool or not?

  • I am seeing a lot of people who run multiple machines. what are the advantages of being in the same pool with your other machines on the same wallet or not or in different pools using the same wallet or not. Right now I have two machines running different wallets in the same pool. I almost feel separate pools same wallet is best.. it a each their own method or does math outweigh one combination? I feel like I am having a moment here and the answer is under my nose somewhere. please halp

  • anything using same wallet HAS to be in same pool or solo because of how the network work's... using dif wallet's you can mine multiple pools... same pool pro's more TB's = better luck at finding block's and better ranking in historic... for pools with high historic share this can be an edge, Con's if the pool goes down so do you. multi pool's Pro's you can choose pools that are best fit's for each rig's power , if one pools goe's down your still mining with some power. Con's lower chance of finding a block and lower in the pecking order of historic shares.............. tec over a long period of time like months you should earn the same given an average. however from my testing various pools finding a pool with higher historic share and you can regularly stay in the top 15 on the historic shares list i tend to do better an earn aprox what the calculator says i should earn on average..

  • @darindarin Hello, part of the answer is explained in the FAQ (

    What I understood is that mining with 2 differents machines on the same plots doesn't give you any advantage. Then it explains how to choose best pool. But, there is not so much said about using different pools or wallets... So... for this I don't know ;)

  • I have a question as far as plotting two machines.
    Before I got my desktop in the mail I went on and plotted my laptop just to test out mining.
    When the desktop arrived I started plotting on it with the wallet# I used to plot the laptop.

    Will the Burstcoin system see these two machines as one?

    Can I be in poolA with the laptop and poolB with the desktop?

  • @Dillion For a start you can mine One account to One pool only, you cannot mine same account with 2 different pools.
    for plotting on two machines, you can plot on several machines and you will need to either connect those plots to One Miner or configure miner in proxy mode (your two machines as one) or mine all machines to same pool (all will submit but only last submitted miner will be seen on pool).

  • Well I was so close.....with 60% plotting done of 1300gb the hard drive on the $80 Ebay Dell bit the dust. Went out of budget and bought a new WD 1TB drive from Wal-Fart for fricking $55. Couldn't wait any longer. Plotting on laptop. Luckily friend in business club is going to donate a 120gb ssd to get the Dell back up and running.

  • Woke up today and the laptop had plotted 85% of the WD 1tb drive however the fricking windows update thing stopped the plotting program. lol Not giving up start over again.....This time I'm only going to plot 200g at a time. I'll do bigger plots down the road when get more hard drives. Right now just want my ball in the game.

  • @Dillion you should be able to restart where yo left off.. search this forum.. the info is here somewhere

  • Now theres a few things i'd like to say.
    I asked the question can a person have more than 1 mining account i was told not supposed to but unenforceable. So I stuck to one wallet id for mining..
    Computers typically house 6 to 8 hard drives at once maximum and can expand upon USB. The miner should read them all within 60 seconds. Its when that limit is reached another pc on the same pool is required (or solo)
    So ethically speaking, as to not rig the block reward system, Persons should only have 1 mining account on the burst network or it will start to crumble as others will loose interest and to also keep decentralizing the network giving opportunity for miners to bolster their capacity for mining work after the blocks run out. These persons whom do use multiple mining accounts eventually get seen pooling their block rewards together. Both on the block chain and out of it. Beware persons can be targeted. I feel it is evasive to cultivate with multiple miners for blocks that others should be rewarded. Imagine this was E bay and multiple accounts were employed to rig an auction. Don't hate me :)

  • @ZapbuzZ i understand where your head is at and very much so appreciate your opinion and concerns.. I did not realize that if we use multiple ID's on the network it would be considered "cheating".. i still only have 1 but the more I plot the more I am getting longer read speeds so in the future it will be more of an issue. If i were to add another machine I will probably keep the same ID

  • @ZapbuzZ,

    IMO, there is no difference if I mine 100TB on one machine with one account or have 10 machines with 10TB each and 10 different accounts. Not sure where you're coming from. The more capacity you mine the more block rewards you deserve, period.

  • @rds i totally get that and the more i think about it the more i am confused.. the only reason i can see it would matter is if each ID had some type of multiplier or some type of bonus for having the ID...

    Kind of like SAT testing where you get 200 points for just spelling your name right. if you had 3 names you were guaranteed 600 points?

    that might be the worst analogy ever.

  • admin

    @ZapbuzZ There is no issue with having multiple ID's, for people learning about Burst it's probably easier to use a different address on each machine. But once you're comfortable with manually plotting you can have the same account mining on multiple PC's with no overlap.

  • @darindarin ,

    As I think I've said before in other threads, I mine one account, 2 machines, 5 local wallets. For me the main advantage to that is diversity. If one machine dies, the other is still running. If one wallet dies, the others are are still working. I choose not to use multiple accounts because i'm too lazy to replot and my mining account is always swept to keep minimal Burst in it. One account is easier to sweep than 5. If you pool mine, your passphrase is sent to third parties. If one of those third parties want's to hack my mining account, they will only get less than 20,000 burst.

  • Also like to inquire if plotting an M2 drive at the end of my plotted drive farm (nonce-wise - let's say I have 35tb plotted for an account and then I'd add this plot sequentially) - would it not be better to have it be at the 0 nonce starting point due to the other drives read times being much slower?

    If that isn't clear for some that might be reading this - this might help:
    plot order: 8tb / 8tb / 8tb / 8tb / 8tb / M2 drive 1tb

    would this sequence yield different results:
    plot order: 1tb M2 drive / 8tb / 8tb / 8tb / 8tb / 8tb

    The NVMe M2 drive is outstanding and the pci adapter (which I had to use) works just fine - had to add a microsoft patch to get it working on my Win 7 machine. It tops out at 3.2gb/s as it's the 'low' EVO model which seems to be better bang for the buck. Useful for intensive time lapse/video editing. Definitely not a cost effective route for Burst mining unless you happen upon a truckload of them somehow.

  • oops my foot in the mouth sorry guys and @haitch happy mining guys!

  • admin

    @rds Your passphrase is not sent while pool mining, only while solo mining does it get sent to the wallet server. In pool mining the pool pass-phrase is sent to the wallet server.

  • @xburst plot orientation depends on mining software. But typically the slowest ones are the ones in the middle of reading position in the drive letter listing in config file.

  • admin

    @xburst If you're using Blago's miner or jMiner, the reads are done in parallel, up to the number of threads your cpu has. eg, a quad core with hyper threading can read 8 drives simultaneously, so if you have less drives than threads, the order doesn't matter.

  • @haitch & @ZapbuzZ - much appreciated info - hopefully useful to others down the line! I am waiting on a USB3 hub so for now most are trying to work via USB2.0 - I know that will increase the overall read times as I had been using up all the available USB3 sockets earlier.

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