Highest Payout Faucet Up and Running!

  • Hello everyone! Ping here, I'm announing that I have figured out all the hosting and such and my faucet is now ONLINE!

    Payout: The highest of ANY faucet up right now with a grand FIVE burst per payout!
    Cooldown: 8 hours and then you can claim that 5 burst again!
    ads: this faucet will be donation run! unless donations do not come in when the faucet is low then i might try adding ads.

    And now for the part that you probably skipped the entirety of what i said above for!
    The link to claim your free five burst is http://faucet.pingofburst.win/

  • That's really cool and thank you for your contribution to the BURST economy..

  • great stuff

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