Too many not comfirmed DL?

  • Sorry for all these questions I do appreciate the help.

    Can someone tell me from this screenshot if everything looks ok. I just got this up and running but seems a lot of Dl's are going unconfirmed which I can only assume is bad.

    alt textHi,

  • It just looks like due to the sheer number of dl's that are submitted to said pool's wallet cannot handle that much.

    Nothing you can do really.

  • @Hect0r Thanks for the response. So not an error on my part then?

  • @Lokken86 Nothing is wrong on your end no lol, just the pool cannot handle that many deadlines being submitted thats all so some may get rejected !

  • admin

    @Lokken86 The Not Confirmed's are coming back immediately, so it's not a case of timeout - the pool is rejecting the DL for some reason. What pool are you mining on ?

  • @haitch I'm mining at with 5TB.

  • admin

    @Lokken86 Not seeing any errors in the server log for your account - not sure why you're getting the not confirmeds sorry.

  • @haitch I did have to use the plot checker to correct a mismatch error. Could that have something to do with it?

    I set up the plotter with "gpuPlotGenerator generate buffer d:\13723927528809126043_0_19000544_4096" and got name/size mismatch but that went away once I use plot checker.

  • admin

    @Lokken86 It's a non-optimal plot, but shouldn't cause errors.

  • Replotted with a more effective bat file and changed pools. Everything seems to be running smooth.
    alt text

  • Every once in a while my miners will go through a phase where a lot of DLs go unconfirmed normally all I have to do is reset my mining program so if it happens again just try restarting your mining program 90% of the time that fixes the issue for me

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