Post your plotting speeds here. Plotting hardware comparison.

  • FX-4300, GTX 1070, 16GB RAM
    GPU Plot Generator
    0 0 4096 512 128 (uses 1 GB VRAM + 1 GB RAM)

    Writes a 500GB optimized plot to two PMR drives in parallel (1TB total) in about 3 hours at 22,000 nonces/minute.

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 ~4400 nonces/min (wplotgenerator on /async mode)
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti 3500-3600 nonces/min (GPUplotter on buffer mode)

  • 4 cores 3900/minute, Xplotter.

    Question is, can you write 30,00+ nonces/min to the drive or is your plotter screaming to fill the buffer and then waiting for the write to finish?

  • i7-4790 6 core 11000 nonces/min xplotter

  • has anyone tried the ryzen cpu yet to test :?

  • Intel i7 6700k running on 7 threads out of the 8 threads and getting about 10k-12k per min on Xplotter!!! :-)

  • i7 3930k using 6 threads - wplotgenerator /async - 10k/nonces per min - minimal system impact

    Definitely slower than using gpu's, but doesn't impact usability as I have an old pair of gtx 680s currently which tend to lag.

  • @xburst wplotgenerator/ why not xplotter? at least it doesnt burn ur cpu

  • @HiDevin going back to using xplotter - thanks! I guess I thought using wplot gave me more control over the stagger size which it appears xplotter takes care of on it's own. At 11 threads the 3930k is doing just above 15k nonces/min.

  • @xburst np :)

  • harddisk: Seagate SATA 3.5"
    processor: i5 2500
    memory: 10GB DDR 3
    speed: **~7100 nonce/minute **
    plotter: xplotter_avx administrator mode

  • Processor: i7 6700 3.4 GHs
    Memory: 16 GB DDR3 (but I think xplotter set to use 4 G by default? still new... not sure.)
    Hard disk: External WD 6 TB My Book
    Plotter: Xplotter - AVX in administrator mode
    Speed: 8 threads = aprox 12,500 and 6 threads = aprox 10,200 nonce/minute.

    Surfing Youtube and on-line window shopping did drop it a little, but only by 100 - 500 nonce/minute.
    (gotta dream about the next drive purchase. It's now an addiction! Lol)

    (Was worried about loosing the use of my machine while I plotted... no worries... doesn't seem to mind much. Lol.)

    Took about 40 hrs to plot 5.5 TB on a 6 TB external USB 3.0 Western Digital 6 TB My Book drive.

  • Mod

    " (but I think xplotter set to use 4 G by default? still new... not sure.)"

    yes, 0.5Gb per thread by default, but you can increase it - set "-mem 8G", but if bottleneck is HDD - you don't get increased speed.

  • @Blago Ah. I was wondering about that. Thank you.
    Only having to do it once in a while, I'm not to worried about speed. Less than 2 days for a drive is good by me. And only a few to do for quite a while till a few pay days go by again. Now... if I had 10 or 20 to do at once... what a wonderful reason to worry about how it could be made faster! Lol ... Some day.. :)

  • CPU: i7-6700k 4.5Ghz
    Mobo: ASUS Maximus IX Hero
    RAM: 32GB DDR4
    Plotter: Xplotter in admin mode
    Threads: 8
    Nonce/Min: 14,000-15,000 (unless I am plotting & mining then it dips to 12,000-13,000)
    HDDs: Seagate 5 TB External HDD
    WD 6TB External HDD
    Total Plot Size thus far?: 9,477GB

    Note If I plot to my SSD then manually move to the Seagate or WD drives it seems to be a faster process, but I have to make smaller files which isn't really ideal for me.

  • @D2iH8c doesn't it waste write cycles on your ssd causing it to die faster? I wouldn't recommend, just plot to a different HDD that's not smr

  • admin

    CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2660 V2
    Mobo: Supermicro X9DRI-f
    RAM: 64 GB DDR3 ECC - 48 GB Allocated
    Plotter: Xplotter in Admin Mode
    Threads: 38
    HDD's: 2 * WD RED 8TB in RAID 0
    Nonce/Min: 37,600
    Noise Level: Loud - need to do some work on this


  • @HiDevin Honestly, I hadn't thought of that nor done any research on it...I'm still new to this so learning as I got. It's a brand new Samsung EVO drive so sure it'll still last an insane amount of time anyway. I've started writing to my 74GB raptor drive that is like a decade old writes fast & I'm able to transfer off of it relatively fast so all seems to be well.

  • I7 6700k
    Dual 980TI graphics
    Samsung 512Gb nvme m.2 ssd drive
    Using GPu plotter I get around 36000 nonces/min plotting to the ssd
    I create 102GB files which I then transfer over to my nas4free machine with a 21TB raidz1 array. I use the nas4free for my media library as well.
    The reason I use 100GB size files is that it gives me the flexibility to clear up some space on the NAS should I require it giving me some control over the granularity.
    I am running a vbox on the NAS which is doing the mining for me.
    I realise that I am reducing the life cycle of the ssd but once the NAS is full the plotting will be finished.
    The 100GB plot takes around 15 mins to produce and the copy takes another 15 mins.

  • Intel Core i7-6700 @ 3.40 GHz
    NVIDIA GT 730
    Intel HD Graphics 530
    (I'm using my Intel graphics card since it's faster than my NVIDIA)
    Used XPlotter from the Burst wallet.
    Using the CPU Plotter I have 7000~8000 nonces/min plotting to my HDD.
    Plotted 250GB.

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