gpedro's Letter to the community about BBrowser

  • I was traveling for work, so, I'm just seeing this. As I was invested in this asset, I followed Jack on Twitter. I have had my suspicions, so that goes back to my posts asking for updates but in looking at his profile now, it appears he completely deleted all his old tweets and started over. His profile is @JackManMania_ and it also appears he is just now "learning how to code" based off his last pics...

  • @CryptoBuc thanks for that info... I don't use twitter so i didn't got that information but looking at it his last post was 9 hours ago and it appears that he is now learning how to code in PHP if i look at his tweets...

    His picture in twitter shows he is the same person i have in the pic i have in my PC and that he use in Whatsapp... All of these 3 pictures are different (different angles and contexts)

    @ccminer left him a reply saying that he should come back here and clean a bit his name although i don't even know if that is possible because every day that goes by it looks he is less and less interested in BURST...

    I think we all should go there and polute his twitter so people know what this guy did to all of us... For anyone willing to do that, here is his twitter:

    EDIT: i tried and left a comment and a tweet but it doesn't show in there... Maybe he have to accept it first idk, again this is my first time using twitter :(

  • Who is responsible for putting 200.000 shares on the AE for sale at 1 Burst each? Does the scammer still have access? I thought gpedro was able to access this account as well which is how he moved what was left out to the safe account...

    Would an admin please put the BBrowser materials in the scam folder above so no one gets screwed even more on this? Further, if anyone has the personal info on Jackman would they please publish it here?

  • admin

    @AndrewDD It's been moved now.

  • @haitch many thanks!..@gpedro ...would still like to hear how 200.000 shares are for sale right now on the AE...

  • @gpedro said in gpedro's Letter to the community about BBrowser:

    Jack's total current portfolio from all the accounts i found a link to is:
    BURST: 637.95528314 BURST
    BBrowser 299'100
    HotPotato 1'822
    qora 182

    @AndrewDD Jack still had the above portfolio in his personal account wich i don't have access to so i couldn't make nothing related to that shares except letting people know about what had happened... So basically what he did was dump 50k shares in the transaction 5838136779745656806 and then he put the other 200k shares for sale at 1 burst as you stated, and as i don't have access to his account wich is the Asset Issuer account there's nothing i can do but as you guys can see he still is trying to SCAM people and didn't give himself to the trouble of getting in here and answer about all this accusations...

    Also @haitch noticed a new account that he tried to open in this forum with the username "shxrp", i don't think @haitch approved his new account but you guys should know about this ;D

    Also it looks like was cancelled and is now down and for sale again... @haitch you were hosting it so you should allocate your resources to something else so they are not being wasted ;D

    Regarding his documents the person that has that information is @mikemike and he asked me for proofs when we spoke about Jack's DOX, when i first findout about what he did. I think that, right now, all is proved so maybe he can DOX Jack now or give a call to his mom since Jack is a minor. I seriously doubt his mom really knows about what he did, so i would go for give his mom a call before DOX Jack and his mother... Please @mikemike say something regarding to this...

    As i stated before, i will try to do something for the investors, and for this for now i am replotting the hdds i have with me, wich is around 11Tb (10Tb from BBrowser and 1Tb hdd wich is mine), and when i finish plotting i will probably open a new asset and do a swap to eliminate the chance of Jack mess with this and continue to robb us all!

    Attention that this new asset (if i ever open a new asset for this) that i may create is not for the purpose of profit, i didn't figured it all just yet, but probably it will start doing buybacks as coins are mined (wich taking the calculator into account it should be something like 13900 burst per month, is not that much but is what we have so far!), i'm also developping a bot and when it's ready i am considering to do something with it to boost the earnings in order to try and payback people (but hang on because this bot will not make miracles)... I managed to make the bot have a profit of 50USD per month per PC running it, but one of the sites where it runs changed the way they work and unfornately it will not make so much profit in the future, but still up and running!

    I'm also considering to do other stuff for this and i am studying many other options! I just wish i didn't got involved in this but as i was involved with the asset i think is only fair to at least try to payback people, so bear with me and if someone have an idea or intend to help me with this in some way, please let me know and we will consider every options...

  • Well, i didn't wanted to ask for money since this was what happened since the start with this asset, but a couple of users contacted me via PM and they said that i should repost the SAFE WALLET so people could donate if they want to support my efforts to payback everyone, so here it is, for anyone that want to donate...


    You can also donate assets, and i promise they will not be sold until we reach the point of the holding of this account be sufficient to buyback everyone... Only I have access to this account!

    Please, if you donate send a message (in the transfer or apart from it, your choice) saying if you want that your donation be used to buybacks right away, else your donations will be used to buy other assets or any better and thrustworthy investment i find, always with the intention of all the earnings be used to do the buybacks...

    I also would like to mention that i will not collect any fees for managing this, i just want to not have my name associated with a SCAM, wich is a bit late for that but at least i am trying!

  • @gpedro Thank you for your explanation. @MikeMike , would you please publish the contact information for JackMan here?

  • @AndrewDD said in gpedro's Letter to the community about BBrowser:

    @gpedro Thank you for your explanation. @MikeMike , would you please publish the contact information for JackMan here?

    It is a shame and unfortunate this person seems to not be doing the right thing.
    Last I heard is there were serious issues he and his Family were dealing with.
    Regardless of what had transpired I will not be posting his Dox info in any public place
    but rather consult with gpedro and possibly Haitch in how best to handle this.
    Normally I would reach out myself numerous times over a few weeks first and then decide what to do next after consultation.
    Before moving forward I wait to hear from @haitch concerning Jack trying to sign up with another nick.


  • admin

    @MikeMike User "shxrp" signed up from the same IP as JackManMania three days ago. I allowed it, so I could keep and eye on what he was posting, but nothings been posted from that account.

  • @haitch said in gpedro's Letter to the community about BBrowser:

    @MikeMike User "shxrp" signed up from the same IP as JackManMania three days ago. I allowed it, so I could keep and eye on what he was posting, but nothings been posted from that account.

    See your PM

  • @gpedro I have 20 BBrowser assets, can I be reimbursed with BURST?

  • @kikiyai I cannot reimburse anyone right now... My efforts are in order to try reimburse people on the long run and as you can imagine and as i stated it will be extremelly slow to reimburse people since we will only have 11Tb mining (currently plotting) to do this job, also i'm trying to implement other little streams of revenue to try to get a boost in that earnings but nothing is decided yet except that the 11Tb will be mining only for this purpose...

    If i reimburse one person i have to reimburse all the others, and i can't do that because i don't have the money to do so, neither i think i should do it from my own money since i was affected by this as much as the investors... Most people in my situation would just consider this as scam and walk away as a failing plan like it is, but i like to worry about the people that believed in me so i am trying to do something for them, so bear with me and in the long run you will receive your money back, but it will possibly take a lot of time for everyone to be paid out as you can imagine...

  • @gpedro Alright, Thanks.

  • @MikeMike ...reading your response is very disappointing. I certainly hope you are serious about trying to get to the bottom of this matter and your efforts will not end with simple questions to haitch regarding a new user ID. I find the "family problems" claim pretty typical as well laughable...Jackman seems to not be having any problem in attempting to defraud further investors by currently offering 200.000 useless assets at 1 BURST a piece...this combined with his creation of a new user ID makes things pretty obvious.

    I do not know how it is you came to possess the real identification of JackMan but it now puts you into a very special situation. If you are not willing to Dox this budding criminal then hand over your information to someone who is.

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