• Hi All! I'm new to this site. I'm a gamer and I really want to know how ways I can maximize making money with you guys at Burst community. What do I need to do? Please guys show me my available options. Thanks.

  • @porskylala You can miner with your hard drives or you can purchase some assets that will provide you dividends

  • @porskylala the playground is mining and trading coins, buying assets etc.

    If u want to maximize ur profit u need to have knowledge about trading, forecasting, predicting stocks etc,

    Trading is not difficult, what might be difficult is the time u need to invest to get there, in order to trade u need to have something to trade, u do mining, u can build ur mining project, u can start with small HDD and then u go up until u would build a rig that has more than 100 TB etc.

    Just read the stuff in this forum and eventually u will get there.

  • @pr0cesor Thanks. I wish there is a user manual one can get hold of?

  • @porskylala said in NEW GAMER:

    @pr0cesor Thanks. I wish there is a user manual one can get hold of?

    This forum is the best user manual u can get hold of. Whatever u want to know, just ask and people will help ya. just take ur time visiting around the forum, look for categories that might be interesting for u.

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