• I thought since windows XP no longer is supported I would give a shot at trying to make it into a burstcoin miner/plotter/calculator software, since Microsoft does not Copyright XP anymore I will do this.

    Since I started, 1 hour before making this thread. I noticed that it would be harder than I thought, I'm not giving up yet.

    Here is a picture of starting up the setup.exe, Looks like windows XP:

    Next step was to remove windows explorer and replace it with the Burstcoin wallet. Sadly I won't be moving to 7 until support is over, that would be epic in the future to work on.

    k I will add more to this thread later I'm going to work on it more.
    Thank You for reading!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • admin

    @coolben1020 XP is still copyrighted, removing support does not equal ending copyright. Also, the AIO Wallet requires Internet Explorer, and there is no version of IE that runs on XP that's compatible with the AIO.

  • Just need to find a way to use the wallet AIO without script support. i'D LOVE TO HAVE it scripts suck. theres an alternative generic windows emerging from www.reactos.org only its 32 bit

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