Buying Magic Cards

  • Hi Community, I am a burstcoin miner with 140tb on the network, and I was wondering if anyone would want to sell their magic cards in trade for burst, btc or paypal.

    Im not sure how we would arrange the deal, but if you are interested, please message me and we can see what we're able to work out.

  • got some MTG cards from old sets :) tho not sure i can part with em lol :D except nostalgic value i dont think they are worth much in todays format.

  • have a "few" magic cards lol havent played in YEARS ... mine are all post 2000, as i sold all my beta - urza's long time ago even had 3 full sets of Unglued

  • @caligiuri I'm with @LithStud i have some in here from the old days but are not that much cards so i am not sure if they worth even the transport to you... By any chance are you in europe? Otherwise the shipping will not worth tbh...

    But if you are in europe i can take a look at my cards to see what i can find in there xD

  • I have some early (pre-2000) cards that I could dig out. How would we determine their value?

  • @k.coins there is a website with market value for a card ;) google ;)

  • i have a 5,000 count box full plus a smaller box with maybe a few hun .... would take me years to value each card, only around 5% at most is land cards

  • @Gibsalot I had a box with thousands of cards and my mom thought it away some time ago and in there was some valuable cards but what i have left is maybe max 200 cards right now ;D

  • i started playing in beta , during lunch at high school lol ... at one point had 3 of the big 5 slot box's full around 10 of the long box's full and back pack full of built deck's ... then i graduated .. moved out on my own stoped playing and got hard up for money sold them all for about 1/4 what they was worth. ... in the last 6 or 7 years i have picked up some more because i thought maybe my son would get into it but sadly no he would rather have Pokemon cards lol.

  • Tip empty cig packs make great spacer's / dividers, and work nice as dice / life counter holders 0_1488060639462_photo0.jpg

  • @Gibsalot OMFG That is just too much man?! You should have a good couple of thousands in cards LOL Never had so many xD

  • @caligiuri any particular cards your looking for ? i may have them. if i dont im still in touch with most of my old high school friend's and they never stoped playing and still collect them.

  • @gpedro that just what i have right now back around 2002 i sold my collection that was maybe 10x that many cards

  • @Gibsalot Dude i played magic but you were serious addicted hahahaha

  • Anyone have a sealed box of Unhinged?

  • @kmaxkmax i wish lol i used to do booster pack box drafts with all my friends you can build up a large collection fast doing that.

  • Wow, this topic got alot of attention. I actually buy magic card sets and other cards like pokemon and yugioh, and was thinking it would be really cool if I could buy some with crypto. I am pretty much going to be buying every card in existence,

    So specifcally I would like to purchase sets of cards. If i was able to get the list of your cards I could give you a price, or if you just want to sell your cards in bulk, I can buy at a fixed rate.

  • @caligiuri said in Buying Magic Cards:

    or if you just want to sell your cards in bulk, I can buy at a fixed rate.

    What would be that bulk price? i may send you my whole package (maybe 200-300 cards) xD

  • Are you paying for lots or looking for some cards.

    I got about 10k cards here likely about 8k Commons most 2009 on after some older.

    Have 25 plans walkers idk if I wanna part with all but maybe we can work deal.. where would they be shipped to

  • @skyline_king88 Im looking to buy lots, and you would be shipping to California

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