My Good Bye Letter.

  • @Zeus Sad news ! All this drama is only concentrated on a small group of people but makes so much noise it feels overwhelming. In fact, most people just want everybody to get along and to move on.
    I wish you all the success you deserve and I hope to see you back around here soon :)

  • @Zeus Its the part of Game my dear friend and it sounds like you drunk too much tonight gets senti and posted and ll regret about it in morning when you r out of that hangover!!

  • @Zeus said in My Good Bye Letter.:

    This is my goodbye letter to my previously loved burst-team forum.

    @nameless - Creepy Uncle, thanks for trying to keep the place with joy during this sad times. You are hilarious and an amazing person!

    This is a wake-up call for us all. We managed to drive away the one single openly gay person on this forum. It's beyond small personal beefs at this point. This is open homophobia....

    Be well my fun little casino master! And if you ever feel lonely and wish to be touched in strange ways (mentally) , you know where to find me.

  • @Zeus Oh no... i have been ill and not been around and I just opened my forum account and saw this bro... I hate to see you leave but i hope to see you around other channels. I'm sure the asset will still work and pay dividends normally...
    See you around buddy ;D

  • @Zeus OMG I am in deep shock, please please please don't leave, we need the peace-makers and good people to stay..Yes the arguments and finger pointing left a gaping hole in my heart and I felt very sad but please don't go.. we need you here.. hugglies from the baglady..Hell I even have fun losing burst in the Casino lol but love being part of the Burst community...please don't make the baglady cry now..

  • It would be nice to see everyone get back together.


  • @Zeus So it's goodbye to forum not to burst? :P Funny thing you wrote and I wish you all the best with Adam on burstnation! ^^

  • @Zeus :( I'm sad that you are leaving, I know ive been inactive a lot, but at least I can still meet you on burstcasino right?

  • As you have asset holders for your asset on both forums, wouldn't it be a good gesture at least to notify your asset shareholders here also of their dividends etc/ Just a thought :)

  • Aaaand I'm back...
    That wasn't too long, was it? LOL

    Thank you all for your kind messages, love you all :D

  • @Zeus where you go ?

  • @Gibsalot Just a little vacations hahahah
    @Zeus glad to have you back ;D

  • @Zeus fooled us all, anyways welcome back :)

  • @Zeus said in My Good Bye Letter.:

    Aaaand I'm back...
    That wasn't too long, was it? LOL

    Thank you all for your kind messages, love you all :D

    I'm glad I did not see this thread till now otherwise I'd be pissed off the whole week
    and glad my sadness only lasted for 10 min till I reached this message.
    I've been fighting hard behind the scenes of my concerns you expressed, that many good people were here because there was something different about the BURST Community, Team and those working hard to advance it and WE KNOW very well what that is.
    You're an asset to BURST and more importantly the Community in many ways.
    Keep Fighting!


  • @Zeus Wish you came back sooner. After losing almost half my Burst in fallen assets I dumped all my casino shares fearing the worst.

  • @HiDevin said in My Good Bye Letter.:

    @Zeus fooled us all, anyways welcome back :)

    Looks like he was checking the eggs investors for strength ))

    @Zeus I'm glad you're back. I understand your condition because of these events, but please remember that people trusted you with their money... don't forget about them too!

  • @Gibsalot just around the corner :P

    @gpedro hahaha glad to see you back too :-)

    @HiDevin I can't leave, it's like a drug this thing! @_@'

    @MikeMike keep up the good work ^_^

    @newsense2004 ohh and this week was the best payout :/

    @emcb I don't forget, the initial asset holders (the ones that bought from me) are always receiving the best ROI ever, the others are buying from other members, not me ^_^ And the asset wasn't affected at all by my short absence.

  • Sad to see that within a community that is supposed to help each other, there can be some issues still. Arguments can happens everywhere with everyone, but it's only a matter of keeping things straight. Leaving is not a good solution to problems :D. Glad to see that you changed your mind :D

  • Hey Zeus! What's crack-a-lacking?! I just saw this and was totally bummed, but then I see your'e back again! This won't be the same ever without you! I know I haven't been around lately (at least visibly! Lol) But I come on and read about what's going on and there's definitely been some changes that had happened...some good and some bad... All I know is that you are one of my "peers" Zeus...When i first joined this community back in were one of few that joined around the same time, so it's like you are my brother! Jervis was one also....It's sad... idk...This better not be goodbye!! - Chyna

  • @chyna88 yeah we are many that joined around the same date haha, some were scammers, some left, and a few are still here ^_^ and yes I'm back, not a good bye letter, it was more a "I need some days out" letter :P

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