I think I must starts from here :-)

  • Hi,
    I'm really new in this but I want to all people recognise Burst Coin idea and because of that I need somebody's help. I'm coming from Serbia and I can to involve in Burst idea a lots of my buddies from all region because in my opinion this idea is revolutionary thing :-)
    So let's somebody help me with this.
    I have to download my c:/Burst afther plothing and I don't now where I have to!?
    I just can't find wallet addres of my pool!
    Maybe the question is stupid, sorry but I have to start from somewhere and here I'm stuck! ;-)

    Any answer will be useful!


  • @Kale and just another thing, I can't find my name at my burstcoin pool, I think somenthing is wrong....

    Thank you!

  • @Kale and I think this is wrong...



  • I can barely read what it says but i thonk it says that your plots have overlapped , i think in that case you need to delete and redo it , there are people more qualified than me here but!!!

  • @Kale Hi Kale and welcome to Burst :)
    You can find everything you need under the FAQ section, check this out:

    in a nutshell:

    • Download and install the wallet,
    • Create a passphrase and enter the wallet,
    • Visit one of the faucets and get some free Burst
    • Give your faucet a name, it will cost you 1 Burst and will make your address public << must do
    • Start plotting your drives (be careful not to overlap)
    • Choose a pool according to your plot size (in your case try mobile pool)
    • Start Mining :)

    I suggest the you delete the files you plotted cause they are a mess and start over.

  • Moved to welcome

  • @Bitdv Thanks!

  • Just wanted to give you a warm welcome to BURST COIN FAMILY...

  • @qibucks Thank you very much :-) I hope so I will be usefull to all of BURST lovers as I am... :-)

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