We now have a Burst wikipedia article !

  • Hi everyone,

    Great news today ! After months of work and declined submissions, the Burst wikipedia article has finally been accepted !

    You can find it here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burstcoin

    Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped make this a reality, this is a really significant step for Burst :)

  • @Gadrah_ OMG this is great news.. I better go read about it..I will do another blog review soon and add it..

  • admin

    And the edit war starts by Palmaris... Unbelievable.

  • @Gadrah_ Congrats! Awesome job you guys! :-)

  • Awesome you guys, a wiki! i can't wait to read this!

    Edit: made 2 small edits to punctuation , was a good read THANK YOU again

  • @Gadrah_ nice buddy thx ;)

  • admin

    @cwade77 Wow, in existence for two weeks and you're the "main Burst Forums". Do I really have to create a Wiki account to fix that ?

  • Okay guys this sentence about the "official burst forum" was written way before Burst nation even existed. I'll change this in a non-controversial way so there won't be an unnecessary war here.

    PS : if you want to edit the article, please do it right and put the new references in the right form. If you can't do that, ask me or somebody who knows how to do it.

    PSS : I don't know who did this but please do not remove the code for the references section at the bottom. I just fixed that but I want to remind you this is not a toy article where everybody puts or removes anything they like.

  • Really guys. What the actual fuck. Do you really think this goes in an encyclopedia :

    "The initial corrupt BurstCoin Forums were set up in December 2015, and currently experience over 1 million page views per month, from 1,500 users per day. An official Burstcoin forum has just recently been launched to ensure that measures are taken to grow Burstcoin and relieve the constant server issues that have kept Burst from growing properly[6]."

    To the one who edits this, are you that immature ? We just get the article accepted and you are already starting this bullshit.

    This little war is really becoming pathetic.

  • @Gadrah_ yeah this is not a good example for newbies.. let's be civil and allow both burst forums to flourish and co exist.. this is way too petty..

  • @Gadrah_ thnks a lot for that great job, to you and the ones involved! As you said this is a quite significatn step to Burst!
    Regarding the Forums, please let's be mature about this. There can be as many forums out there as people wish, is this now a fight for centralized forum control? Both forums can be listed and if a third comes could it also be include IMO. But agree with @Gadrah_ here, that quote is completely unnecessary and really immature. Think that this is going to be the first thing that probably most people will read.

  • @qibucks lol i added one line inthe asset section, couldn't resist..haha i love it..

  • @qibucks that is a description of the asset (it is a Wikipedia article), I don't think a "disclaimer" is that necessary in my opinion...

  • @vExact haha is not bad though, i wrote the main positive though that it's an added asset to burst lol

  • Should I wait till things cool down to contribute to this? I'm seeing several grammatically awkward phrasings now...

  • @k.coins You could always edit the grammar ;)

  • @k.coins Several persons are currently trying to edit the "history" section in order to make their side look like the official one. I guess we still have to find a phrasing that suits both parties.

  • @rapidfireman @Gadrah_ haha word. I just don't want to edit grammar that is in the middle of such rapid edits.

    Learning a lot from the other content though! Really great work! Advertise that donation wallet, I'll send some more =P

  • We could just say the burst community is flourishing with multiple forums at it's disposal which brings in tons of eager people wanting to get into this amazing cryptocurrency. Why does this have to be a fight?

  • I'm with @rapidfireman on this. We just have to say there are several forums without going into details. But please remember a wikipedia article is meant to be written from a neutral point of view so avoid everything that seems promotional when there are no references to back it :)

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