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  • Vector & Margin

    Vector & Margin is not like other assets. Slow payouts, combined with stable payouts, make Vector & Margin a premium asset. To support this, it has a high price per share of 1000 Burst. 2 decimals is allowed.

    Vector & Margin will never have a direct income source, but instead spread it to multiple different sources. Among those are:

    • Investing in Bots.
    • Cryptocurrency Lending. Mostly ordinary lending, but also supporting traders worldwide.
    • Investing in corporations and capital for other companies.
    • Other assets

    As time goes on, more income sources will be added. This is open to input from investors.

    This will make the dividends stable and somewhat predictable. The only problem, is that it isn't good enough for me. I will forwarding 80% of the earnings each month. This will ensures a high capital, as almost all earnings will be forwarded, also known as a temporary reinvestment. To add on this, 80% of the earnings of the asset will be sent to holders. 20% will be reinvested.

    You might notice I took no maintenance fee from the dividends, neither will I take from the total asset pool. Instead the maintenance fee will be taken directly from the income source. And the maintenance fee will depend on the maintenance costs of using that income source. The maintenance fee is not completely lost from asset issuers reach, as they will be indirectly invested in the asset. By buying ads on this forum or buying VandM shares with the fee.

    If I missed something. here is a TL:DR

    Name: VandM (Short for Vector & Margin)
    Issue price: 1'000
    Issue amount: 100'000
    Issue account: BURST-JLJT-JFUV-9UPQ-CGDYB
    Issue number: 17593831444295008535
    Dividends Time: Monthly

  • Last news:
    Asset shares will be put up tomorrow - Along with sending the remaining shares according to:
    Next dividend is: Next month

  • I have not been able to send the share yet for the swap. I'm very sorry for it and I will try to do it tomorrow.

    I have had a lot of things requiring my attention, which sadly continues to stack up. I will prioritise the share swap tomorrow.

    The dividends hopefully be sent next week. They might be relative small, but the loan I am working on will provide us with 10% each month on a considerable big amount. Sadly this is 2 months into the future.

    More updates coming, hang tight.

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