The SurfBar.

  • well i'm almost certain i was targeted by authority or the local mob. I hide my passphrases 30 miles out of town under a rock amongst trees they won't ever guess it.

  • @ZapbuzZ I think it was raining across town did you put in a plastic bag? Last time I did that the rock I thought was a turtle and it ended up running off with my piece of paper.

  • @Burstde Lol!

  • @vier23 said in The SurfBar.:

    @k.coins i had briefly run it on my pc and laptop in October/November before switching over to a VM. Did not find any traces of it but I guess that's because this was all pre-December. I'm just getting a little paranoid because my antivirus (Bitdefender) keeps blocking a phishing attempt whenever i'm signing into one of my online banking accounts and the surfbar is the only thing that i'm thinking could be related. Usually pretty safe with downloads/links etc. Probably unrelated to this, just got me thinking is all

    @vier23 I have bitdefender too (Bitdefender internet secrurity), I like it I have to say, not so good for android as it drains quite fast the battery but for desktop is perfect. Why don't you use better Bitdefender safepay for online banking?

  • @Burstde I put a drill hole in the rock put the device in the rock then used a cork to close it. Inside the rock it is in a pill bottle to keep out moisture and thanks to smartphones i can do buisness in the bushes in a different dimension :D

  • @haitch i see. Hopefully nothing else of importance was taken from @lexicon.

    @vExact I was actually using BItdefender safepay for online banking. For some reason it's WITH safepay where it says it blocked a phishing website whereas if i tried logging into the same online banking account without safepay, nothing gets blocked. I noticed that recently the virtual keyboard for safepay stopped working for me - not sure if that's related. have you had any issues lately?

  • @vier23 I have not use it lately, but just had a try now and everything was working fine. Perhaps after an update you may have this virtual keyboard issue solved? I didn't use the surfbar, so in that sense I can not give you any feedback.

  • @vExact No problem, I'm sure it's probably fine. I just got a little paranoid after triggering that anti-phishing thing while using safepay. Hopefully it gets resolved on its own - nothing related to burstcoin. Thanks anyways!

  • i'm waiting for the conspiracy theories ... i have one but i spoke ip addresses i spooked everyone sorry guys oh btw i used surfbar but it was on a public computer that no passphrase was used so it looks deeper than that especially when hardware walks off. as soon as surfbar got to 200 coins it went back to zero so i just swtiched it off

  • Well I had to share this. At this very moment this post...


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