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  • Hi
    Been reading for the last week.... and now its seems like a good time to get involved.
    I live on the island of sardinia, italy.... moved here for the sunshine and the outdoor life.... run a farm and microbrewery.
    My next step is to build a small mining rig.... thinking about using a HP DL380 G5 rack server and 8 x 1Tb drives from @superskid .... this will give me a chance to make my first bitcoin payment :)
    Looking forward to sharing the adventure!

  • @bosaland For the price of such setup you can build PC with 8x 8TBs
    check the hardware section and check other members builds then take your decision

  • The rack server is used....about 100 euros.... but will it run the mining software?

  • @bosaland that's a great price to start with. mining software runs on windows 10 64bit or Ubuntu Linux 64bit with Java. Not sure if it runs on Windows Server editions (you need to check driver support for Windows 10)
    The HP DL server will limit your expanding options.
    @iKnow0 have overcome this limitation:


  • :) ... thanks for the advice.... i like the idea of the (free) Ubuntu Linux option.... is it difficult to install? I just want to get started mining. If it works.... then maybe i will upgrade to some thing bigger.

    @iKnow0 - i dont think i will try that at home !!!

  • @bosaland I can't say its difficult, but you need some computer skills to make it run.
    You don't worry about that, Many here will help you once you reach that level.

  • Welcome to Burst - :)

  • @bosaland welcome mate

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