Windows Wallet Database Download

  • For those who are having difficulty syncing up their local wallets, please try this DB download:

  • @Focus Thank you, I was looking for the DB, I had as the download link but that one doesn't seem to work anymore, it sends to haitch's verification page.

    I don't know if you or someone else has a version hosted somewere else? This say it's going to take 99 days to download lol

  • @Zeus for me is working fine ;D

  • Strong suggestion for all, please modify your nxt properties file and change to this:

    nxt.knownBlacklistedPeers=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [2a02:c7d:cc41:1f00:9cc1:b80c:8bc3:2a29];;;;;;;;;;;

  • admin

  • @gpedro Ok I really don't know what's happening hahaha, your link worked...

    Mine does this:

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