• @bytheseaster PlotChecker only see if a plot have a name/size mismatch error, and the only file on witch you have that error you don't have runed the plotchecker xD is file "9890473740241104091_503532161_0_13824", so for solve this run plot checker...
    Then your files "G:\Burst\plots\9890473740241104091_303403265_2058496_11008", "G:\Burst\plots\9890473740241104091_304124673_1232704_11968", "G:\Burst\plots\9890473740241104091_703132097_271168_14272", "D:\Burst\plots\9890473740241104091_702461953_880384_4864" are overlapped so you could keep one from each warning and replot the other ones... If i were you i would choose to keep "D:\Burst\plots\9890473740241104091_702461953_880384_4864" and "G:\Burst\plots\9890473740241104091_303403265_2058496_11008" just because of the sizes

  • @rocky
    make sure PlotsChecker.exe is in root c:\ when you run the command

  • how to make plotschecker span multiple drives i.e g:\plots h:\plots

  • Mod

    @Burstde make bat.
    I'll add check for multiple drives in next version.
    also will add check for plots generated by XPlotter 1.0

  • @Blago okay sounds great. Also x-plotter worked great and gave me a nice 2.7 TB plot using a Pentium d915 (245 nones a min. In 7 days)

  • Thank you for this Blago.

    As it was pointed out your link points to the source code but not the executable. I have a little Linux background and still learning but for a bunch of us that were raised in the GUI environment the link was shared and now I have the means to run this application.

    Thanks Blago for all of your work in the Burst world.

  • @Blago thanks for your continued hard work on this. I would just like to say that I would LOVE to see some kind of standalone program that I could use to check whether my plots are actually legit. I do not fully understand the BURST technology, even though I have been using it since inception, but if there is a way to check whether multiple plots are actually providing the nonces they are portraying that would be AMAZING!

  • Today I had some plots that got interrupted because the machine restarted. When I ran plotschecker it said that it renamed the files. So I checked in the folder, and they all had starting nonce 0 and amount of nonces 0 for some weird reason. I ran plotschecker one more time on the same plots, and this time it said once again that it renamed the files, but also that it truncated them. So, I had to run plotschecker twice in order to correct my plots, is this a bug?

  • @haitch
    Burst.Team should write a very detailed book on plotting. lol I'm fricking confused as frick. I need like a Haynes or Chilton manual for plotting and mining.

  • admin

    @Dillion Who needs a book when you have the forums? Have questions, ask, plenty of very helpful people here.

  • @haitch Right. I'm just old I like manuals.

  • Awesome, will definitely give this a try after my new drive is done plotting :D

  • Is it possible to reassign or rename a plot file (change the Account ID only) via File Manager or does that not work - I've attempted it once on a 7tb plot file and seemed to fail, but I'm not convinced that the file was copied successfully so attempting again, but thought I'd inquire as I didn't see this particular inquiry.

  • admin

    @xburst A plot file can't be renamed - the file name specifies all the information about what account it belongs to and what nonces are included.

  • @haitch thank you as always!

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