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  • Hello! My name is Megan, and I bake a LOT, I love doing it. I make candy, cakes, cookies, and other such goodies. However...I think my family is being overfed lol. I have experience cooking both sugar free and gluten free and would be able to work with people on allergies and special diets. I do NOT make "special" or "green" things. Among what i can cook are lollipops, caramels, chocolates, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cheesecake cookies, cupcakes, coffee cakes, rum cakes, bread and other deliciousness lol. I also make cinnamon rolls. just thought i'd add that :P
    On a sidenote, i sent @haitch a box of a few different types, and he gives his approval on the taste! You can post here, message me here, or on alttech chat as m3gz. with any input you may have =D (apparently i must now has a discord too -.- m3gz)
    Burst Wallet : BURST-456U-JWRA-P6MW-EF6WV

    Edited, to add list at the top.
    Please before letting us know what you want, THINK OF FOOD ALLERGIES!!! coconut oil, nuts, chocolate, stuff like that. We can attempt to work around most of them, but some are too severe to risk. All amounts in USD so as burst fluctuates it doesn't affect it as badly.

    Caramels: Per dozen
    9.00 Plain
    9.50 Flavored (various available, please ask or this post will be terribly long)
    10.00 Alcohol
    10.00 Choc Covered

    4.00 Plain White
    4.50 Wheat
    5.00 Cheese topped
    5.50 French
    7.00 Herbed (Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Marjoram)
    6.00/dozen Fluffy Dinner Rolls
    7.00/dozen Cinnamon Rolls

    7.00/Dozen Choc Lollipops
    5.00/dozen Flavored
    4.50/Dozen Plain

    8.00/dozen (for now, itll be natural flavor oils)

    10.00 Rum Coffee Cake (Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry)
    7.00 Pumpkin Cake/Apple Cake
    6.00 Choc/Vanilla/Strawberry
    7.00-10.00 Custom flavors (ingredients vary, if you want something specific, talk to me!)

    8.00/dozen Chocolate Chip (Dark, Milk, White)
    9.00/Dozen Double Choc Chip
    9.00/Dozen Pumpkin Cheesecake
    6.00/Dozen Sugar/Snickerdoodle
    6.00/Dozen Oatmeal
    10.00/Dozen Rum balls (age:21+ please.)

  • @Roses I would LOVE to see this. I love seeing ways to spend your burstcoin on the marketplace for goods and I would definitely be in to candy! Where would you ship to? And what is the price range you would consider for your candies?

  • @stupendelious Probably only the US, as things might melt if they are in transit more than a few days. Not sure on price due to the shipping, thats one of the things i was hoping people here might have some ideas on =D

  • @Roses This would be awesome I am all about home cooked cookies (chocolate chip) and caramels mmmmmmmm!!


  • @croydan1 the cool thing about caramels is the flavor varieties!

  • @Roses That is soooo true

  • @croydan1 have you ever tried whiskey-orange flavored?

  • admin

    @Roses Got a bourbon flavored one ?

  • @Roses no can't say that I have it sounds really damn good.

  • @haitch Ive made them before, but im picky over what alcohol goes in my cooking lol. they are amazing though

  • admin

    @Roses If you make them, I'll buy them .....

  • @haitch Your name is on the first batch as soon as i can hit the liquor store then =D

  • 0_1484793907940_IMG_0532.JPG Blueberry Rum Coffeecake that literally just came out of the oven lmao

  • @Roses Damn that looks good

  • @Roses

    That looks yummy.
    Nice and crispy on the top too!

    Thumbs up.
    I wish you much success!


  • @croydan1 @MikeMike Kit is prolly gonna eat it all XD

  • @Roses well tell him he has to share (just a small piece) LOL

  • @croydan1 Thats all i got last time, was a taste :( which is why i made it again xD

  • @Roses HAHAHAHAHA!

  • @Roses said in Burst Bakery? Would anyone be interested in buying from this?:

    @croydan1 @MikeMike Kit is prolly gonna eat it all XD

    I'm jealous!

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