Change to the requirement to post new threads in the Asset Exchange Category.

  • Did I miss the line to pick up my tinfoil hat?

    I've been a part of a lot of forums in my life. Some of the more popular ones revolved around online poker and gambling. People would 'stake' players much like they do here and with a lot more money than we are dealing with here... As you can imagine there were plenty of scams, plenty of internet detectives to try and track them down, and plenty of people who made their own decisions based on reputation around the forums.

    Fact is, no matter what decision is made here, people will always find a way to game the system. Not that I would, but it wouldn't take me much effort to completely make up an identity with a legit looking drivers license, work with someone off craigslist to use their address and scam the entire community... "but he is verified he couldn't scam" Silly mentality.

    Much like I could have no reputation, come up with a brilliant idea for an asset, sell out of it, and make everyone thousands upon thousands of dollars without ever being verified.

    @haitch long story short, you need to decide what is best for you and your forums. If legal troubles is what you are worried about, have a free consultation with a lawyer about your liabilities. If doing what is best for the community is your worry, then just make it optional and let the ones that do get verified profit from it.

    Overall though people just need to use their heads, ask questions before investing, and if you get a bad feeling about it or something doesn't add up then don't invest.

  • admin

    @DougLife Legal repercussion is a concern, but a small one. Doing what's best for the community is where my headache lies. When I announced the requirement I was contacted by the operators of a number of established, trusted, assets that they wouldn't do it, and would stop promoting their assets here. So do I chase off trusted assets in favor of ID Verified - which as you say can be dubious, but it's the best solution I have for now assets?

    ID Verification is not a 100% guarantee, the system can be gamed - but I'm open to better ideas.

    I'm considering a multi tier structure, but am struggling to figure out one that doesn't prejudice non-verified owners while promoting possibly gamed verified owners.

  • @haitch Only a fool tries to please everyone.

    Let it remain optional and let the users decide where they want to invest their money.

    The other option is to take it off the plate completely and replace it with a completely optional escrow service to gain that extra bit of trust in the asset creator. If the creator can't provide enough details, answers, proof of their worth etc, then it is the investors fault for investing blindly.

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    @DougLife I'm not trying to please everyone, just be fair to everyone.

    The escrow system is in place, and being used by Socal, Tate-A and BenBurst, and soon ccMiner. The more that use it, the happier I'll be, but most of the productive assets aren't using it.

    I think we can come up with a solution better than the two options you've described, just haven't figured out how to implement it yet.

  • I honestly doubt that there will be a system that we can come up with that won't create a prejudice against verified vs unverified.

    Maybe just make everyone "apply" if they want to post an asset, if they want to escrow, ID verify, other forum user names to research reputation, or other form of protection then it increases an 'asset score' (all optional) or something similar that is posted onto their asset title. Or something along those lines.

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    @DougLife We can't eliminate the prejudice, but their must be a way to reduce the bias - that's what I'm looking for.

    As I said, I was considering a multi-tier layout: ID Verified, Escrowed, Escrowed + Verified, trusted, unknown.

    But seeing if I can find something better

  • I think that is a pretty good way of doing it. That way if someone isn't interested in revealing their address etc they can make up for it by posting their other forum accounts + escrow etc. And if a newbie wants to get in on it and they can't do an escrow they can still get a decent rating based on ID verification or id + 'xyz'.

  • Basically just make it a judgement call, Asset owner decide whether they wish to be verified, there call, what info there comfortable with making public or stored for verification, then what is public lets potential investor decide whether or not they want to invest or not invest, they make there own Judgement Call, there are valid reasons why some people don't wish to give out certain info, legal, the country they live in, possible problems in the passed (in and outside of the crypto community), and so on, so let it be up to the individual, as that is one of the premises of crypto's individuality also anonymity, to some this is extremely important and is one of the basic principles of Crypto's, to me its not a bit thing, but horses for courses.
    So I believe let it be a personal decision, and people just need to do there home work and make the right decision for themselves, there is no perfect system and not all will be happy , but at the end of the day they will make there own decision, whether it was the right or wrong decision and that way, there decision is there's and no one can be held accountable for a decision you made for yourself.
    Just my 2 bursts worth!!

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    @Bitdv Your 2 Bursts are welcome. Thanks.

    I think the "trusted" category helps. Some people won't wish to be identified or escrowed, but NEWS would have been in that category, and that troubles me.

  • @haitch Yep i agree "trusted" category would help, if people are happy with having themselves added to it and go thru those verfications processors, i was more than happy to do it, but that was my decision.
    Some people like i said do have there reasons for not giving out private info, I mean i have never been stalked or so on and im not saying your a stalker or anything , just people do have those fears and there valid, if only to them , and most people have seen my ugly mug so i dont see why anyone would want to stalk a 6 foot , 100 kg man with a head like a busted watermelon anyways lol that looks like he got kicked from the hells angels for being to ugly lol.
    But all in all i think it should be a option and if people decide not to be verified in any form and there asset doesn't preform so well then, they either re-evaluate there verification and asset or close it as a flop , as its all on there backs and there decision.
    As for NEWS i really have no idea on what happened there , i mean ill read up on it, but as i dont know anything about what happened, i cant make my own judgement call on it .
    And everything i do, in here or even in the real world, is always a decision i have made and dont put it onto others, to decide, so at the end of the day if things go bad i only have myself to blame and take full responcibilties for my decisions and actions.
    To me Burst has so many plus points it not even funny and yes there will be people that want to control(not pointing any fingers, just a comment), manipulate things for there own purposes, and scam, people just have to be vigilant and do there own research and make a decision on there own research and not rely on others to do it for them really!!

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