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    @tradz The value of Burst rises, the value of the assets rise. The Value in Burst displayed under my assets is the highest bid multiplied by the number of assets you hold. If the highest bid goes up, your "value" goes up, if the highest bid goes down, your "value" goes down. But again it's valued in Burst. If yesterday your value was 5,000 Burst, and today it's still 5,000 Burst, but the value of Burst vs BTC has risen 10%, your Value is up 10%.

    @jumbolin you seem to think everything to do with this coin is fraudulent. You've called pools thieves and frauds, now you're calling the assets frauds. If you think that way about everything involved in the coin, then why are you still involved ?

  • @jumbolin Sure hope not, would be very disappointing unless, they are just using the money as an investment for their projects and intend on placing it right back ;)
    But if this was the case then it should be on lock meaning, can not be touched within a specified time-period.

  • @k.coins Thx f0r tht, I see what you are saying ;)

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    @tradz The asset exchange is a free market - people buy and sell assets at the value they want to, and that determines price/value.

    The asset owners are earning Burst in whatever method they advertised the asset with, then paying the dividends out on the schedule they set. The only control asset owners have over the price of the assets is the price they release them at. There is no fraud going on. If you buy shares on the stock market, and their value goes down, that's not fraud - same with the AE, price is determined by what people are willing to buy/sell at. If the "value" of an asset doesn't change, but the value of Burst rises against BTC, then the value of the asset just increases - but the value of Burst increasing against BTC doesn't change the value of the asset shares in Burst.

  • @haitch This is what I need to understand & so thx f0r the explanation. I see now ;)

  • @haitch Understood! Appreciate very much

  • @tradz Yeah hope you see the big picture now. Anyone who buys an asset can sell it for whatever price they want. They can devalue it or if the Asset is in High demand they can sell it Higher than what they bought it for and make Burst in that way. If the Value of Burst goes up it just means you have to pay more for the Asset and subsequently you will also get more Burst as payment so it is a wash in a way. You might be paying more at times but you get a dividend that is equal to that amount, which may fluctuate externally but internally you always get Burst to Burst in an asset.

    Usually the Burst that was taken into the asset was sold to purchase Hardware to Mine. So it was liquidated and now the payoff comes over time. The asset issuer may not have all those Burst on hand since it is tied up in the asset. They could have already owned the hardware and just keep the Burst, but as long as they pay based on their Asset Terms there is no fraud due to fluctuation of BitCoin vs Burst.

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  • @CryptoNick Nice explaining of things ;)

  • @ZapbuzZ Thx y0u ;)

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