[ANN] BtcDragon Casino Asset

  • If in the market there are 2 major players (this applies to both the casino and to the forum), the aim of the attacks could be the destruction of a competitor and poaching their investors. In this case they can work even at a loss (in the short term)!
    At least, I don't see any more of the interested person with the real motive except some members of the BN-community.

    @Bitdv But I still hope that you will be able to solve this problem. Somehow because solve these problems the financial institutions, which were constantly under attack...

  • Are there going to be dividend payment soon? @Bitdv

  • I pray everything goes well and told my dad about investing in assets and mining bust too..

  • Hi Guys, been a really trying week , But we are back up and RUNNING!!
    Ok with the Dividends with all the dramas the BTCDragon has made virtually not much , around 0.05 BTC considering we have basically been online only about 1 day in the last week, I was going to defer it and add it to next weeks payout, as the dividends will be very small, but if more people want me to pay that out i can not a problem, will see what people say!!
    We believe We have put into place measures to make sure what happened over the last 2 weeks won't happen again .
    I will also be starting another thread concerning the Burst side of the casino and would like feed back from Asset holders about it, give me a bit and ill post it !!

  • @Bitdv No objection from my side for deferred payment.
    So happy Casino is back online :)

  • @Bitdv I do not have an issue with moving this payout for the next week.

  • @Bitdv Happy with a deferred payment. Good to hear that you have beefed up the Shields, but don't underestimate the attackers, would be good to be one step ahead, rather than on the back foot. But don't tell us what you are doing.......

    Will be good to see you get back to running the business. I guess it's going to need a bit of promotion to get back confidence from the Punters and move forward.

  • @RichBC Yes i have a lot of work to catch up on and have and also am putting more things into place and i have a lot of work to do , but like i said will do a thread on some stuff i want to discuss , with Asset holders , just give me a bit .

  • Next week payout is OK with me also. Agree with @RichBC, don't want to tell what countermeasures have been taken. Thank you for the update.

  • @Bitdv Thanks for the update. I'm ok with that! I'm also happy the casino is back online now!

    Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put into this casino!!! Keep up the good work!!! :-)


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