• Mining Burst

    I need 3,500,000 Burst to develop a low-cost Burst coin mining program in Venezuela, with the extraction of this currency in Venezuela will boost its value.

    More about me:

    I am from Venezuela, where the cost of energy is less than $ 0.005 per kW / H. At this time I have more than 50 TH of mining equipment. Y More than 40 X11 / X13 / X15 GPU operating devices.


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  • Maybe you should look into creating an asset. People can then invest into you in hopes for getting a good dividend. Identity verification by @haitch would also be good. That should build up some trust. If you just want a good crowdfund, the identity verification would definitely be good, because you are new, and I'm sure people wouldn't just want to hand over 3.5 million burst to some random guy.

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