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  • Hey guys. Has there any activity for the last 30 days? My QORA wallet has been running since Dec 31 and haven't seen any activity yet

  • Ladies & Gentlemen I know I am late to the party well here goes nothing or maybe something extraordinary altogether ! my Qora Address QM7FzN3g1maTtTBDUA7DfSHA988Ne7XFUR
    I finally setup the wallet purchased some Qora on Polo and finally was able to transfer the coin to the Qora address above.

  • thanks 4 assets guys :)

  • Hello all,

    My sincere apologies for letting this project temporarily die while i was away. I was the only one with the account password so i couldn't send out any shares or dividends. I will pick it up hopefully today, provided that my client does a proper sync.

    The free shares and dividends project is still as real as it gets, so please continue posting your addresses and keep those wallets open!

  • Hope its still available! Please send some to:


    Thanks :)

  • here is my address: QVh31W4vqQqAXEomoZm5AorvU23HndycvY
    thanks :)

  • Shares coming soon to all. My chain is 95% synced.

    Also, ALL will receive a very tangible series of dividends for the last month and a half that this has been inactive for. The fact that i was on my death bed shouldn't be an excuse not to deliver what i promised :)

  • Hey @nameless, this is my wallet : QQSa16Yi7v11mSiVbm5PeBAuF7pVA5kytr
    Thanks a lot !

  • awesome! everyone should have their shares next block. keep posting kids - free qora!

    dividends coming in the next few blocks as well. remember - frequency is relative

  • I know this is a bit late but here is my address anyway!


    Thanks in advance @nameless :)

  • @nameless testing new qora wallet address

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