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  • Just to let you guys know the pool be down for about 5 to 10 minutes. Sorry!

  • how to know the earnings and the total TB in the Site?
    unlike the chart ones its not so easy to know. Im new in this pool. also the best miner per block?

  • We Have mined 1/2 million Burst at Pool.BurstCoin.ml, sent a 100 Burst bonus to all the miners! Happy Bursting! :-)

  • @Tate-A Thank you!

  • Hi, Im newbie in mining. How will I get paid here? I run my miner using 300 GB HDD and I think its working will found a lot of blocks most of the block found DL and it was confimed some blocks are not comfirmed DL in whole day of mining but never get a payout into my burst wallet. I monitor my it into the pool site I saw my share in all rounds growning and sometimes going down what does it mean? Why there is a confirmed DL and not comfirmed DL? I will still credited or earning from those? Is there any treshold for payout? I saw in the pool site that my Account 16798326575164598362 share below Block#338472 is expired example only my account is PROF8MAKER what does it mean? Thanks in advance who can explain it to me better. :)

  • My Pool: pool.burstcoin.ml:8020

  • @Tate-A I would like to ask, Im mining for almost 2 days but i never been get received any single burst into my wallet. I think my miner was running correctly. 0_1489715496461_PLOT-3.jpg


    Hi, there buddy. Sorry I've been having a hard time getting this form to load, I have no Idea why. Hopley it will let me post this reply by the time im done typing it. With 300GB you will make about 10 Burst per day, and the pool min pay out is 50 Burst. It's supposed to clear all pending payout after 24 hours, but for some reason I've been having problems with it.

    Your shares are kept for 99 rounds/blocks that we did not win, anything older then 99 rounds/blocks the shares are deleted. The shares are based off your DL and the blocks DL, so whoever has the best DLs throughout the last 99 rounds/blocks will have more shares. The block is divided between the shares. For a example say we have won a block of a value of 2,150 Burst, 00.70% of that block is sent to the asset, and we have 50 miners and the pool has a total of 500,000 shares between the miners, and you have 15,000 shares of that, about half of that block will be sent to the block finder, then the pool will payout the rest of that block to the shareholders, you would get 500,000/15,000 1,120/33.333333333-1 = 32.6 Burst. There is no max or min amount of shares. Each payout is different, the pool could have 750,000 shares one payout and could have 50,000 the next between all the miners. There is no set amount of Burst per share. The Burst are divided between how many shares the miner has. Sorry for my bad grammar. I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

  • The next bonus!

    When the pool has mined 1,000,000 Burst, a bonus will be sent to the miners! We have mined 553,657 Burst, last updated on March 18 2017.

  • @Tate-A thank you for your response and the info, still learning myself about mining.

  • ​Important Notification!

    We are going to be updating the pool, if you're mining on port 8020 please switch it to 8124 as soon as possible. Your miner will no longer connect port 8020 after the update. All miners on port 8020 need to be switched by March 23 at 11:30 PM EST USA. The update will start at 11:30 PM EST USA, and the pool should be back by 12:00 PM EST USA. The update is to fix the payouts, over paying, and some other bugs. We're updating to lex pool code version 2.01.

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