Lex Pool (A rewritten pool based on uray source)

  • @pr0cesor hi buddy ive been away from this thread for a while however if you follow the guide above it should get you started on setting up.

  • @Lexicon That's sad m8, pissing me off reading something like this. Did u contact the webmaster of the pool? Is there anything we can do to shut it down or at least to force him giving u credit instead of stealing ur work?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Lexicon Yeah I saw it, why don't u make an announcement in return about the pool and the code he is using. His pool does not deserve miners if he does not know what honesty means.

  • @Lexicon hi, been running your pool code locally, i cannot seem to understand the payouts,
    from what i can gather, the pool is treated like another miner?
    a block is found, miners get paid,pool gets paid and yet an amount is retained in pool account. Could you shed any light on this.

  • @iKnow0 the pool keeps a threshold for each user to save on tx fee's that could be what your seeing. also rounding tends to leave a bit over as well.

  • @Lexicon where can i set the threshold in the config or is it hard coded?

  • @iKnow0 If you are using the Lex's their is only one line to worry about.

    cumulativeFundReduction : 0.5,

    Lower than .5 will give more to the reward finder. Then to the miners. These pools are designed to pay every miner once they reach their threshold. Again pay happens when a block is found. More blocks more miner get paid.
    TX fee is included with reward and is shown on the pool console. this one might be different but gives you and idea. Everyone get a share of that block.

  • @Burstde So on my pool, if I want to give less reward to the block finder, and more to the miners, would I set that number higher or lower?

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