Identity verification.

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    Knowing who you're dealing with, buying from, selling to is difficult in the Crypto world. People scam, claim to be someone they're not - what if we could have verified identity? I'm selling that service.

    If you’re willing to DoX yourself to me, I’ll add an “Identity verified by Haitch” logo to your post, to prove that you’re a real person – and have details to find you if you scam the community. I'll also provide a logo you can use in your posts to advertise that I've verified your identity.

    Crowetic and other founding members have my details - real name, address, phone number - if I scam you, they'll DoX me in heartbeat - I offer the same guarantee to the community. If a verified by me member scams you in some way, after looking into the claim, if it's valid I'll release their real life details to you. This lets you trade with otherwise anonymous members, confident in the knowledge that their identity has been verified and they're legitimate members of the community.

    How it works:

    You Direct Message me your name and mailing address - note no PO Boxes - I'll mail you a stamped, self addressed envelope (DoXing myself in the process) - you send me back a photocopy of a current photo ID with the same physical address, I approve you to use the logo.

    Anyone attempting to use the logo without being verified by me will have their forum account banned, and any IP's they've used permanently blocked from accessing ANY * resource or pool.

    Cost: 5,000 Burst.

  • Haitch, may we make this a requirement to start a new asset?

  • @Focus said in Identity verification.:

    Haitch, may we make this a requirement to start a new asset?

    I agree

  • I love the idea of buying/selling to verified community members.
    Well, I'm not selling yet, but I would like to participate for future.

  • @Focus said in Identity verification.:

    Haitch, may we make this a requirement to start a new asset?

    I agree as well

  • admin

    @Focus I'd like to, but I can't make it a requirement. But I would strongly recommend that people who want to launch assets identify themselves this way, and utilize the IPO escrow insurance I talk about here:

    Verified identity and IPO funds locked in an escrow will give people a lot more confidence in new asset issuers.

  • @haitch Great Idea. How do we direct message you, is that using chat or something else?


  • Perhaps make a post in the about this service and pin it to the top. This way others will know up front that this is what we will look for before investing into an asset.

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    @socalguy The Insurance Asset post is pinned, and I'll look at making another one with recommended asset issuer quidelines.

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    @RichBC yes - the chat feature from the dropdown when you go to my account

  • Even if it can't be a requirement, it will soon be mandatory for any serious asset issuer to dox themselves by this process. Excellent initiative if you ask me :)

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    @RichBC thanks for becoming the first member to verify themselves.

  • I hope all the best asset issuers like @jervis, @nameless, @Focus, @Zeus, @rapidfireman and the other ones do this part 1. Will be great to the new guys at Burst.

  • I guess i could do it again.... the thing is that a bunch of people already know who i am and some even hold my identity and all that. But hell, i'll do it here as well soon enough. I just hate mailing shit, and especially all the way from Europe to NZ... oh well, it shall be done.

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    Until I get a label printer, addresses will be handwritten - please excuse my horrible scrawl ........ ;-)

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    @nameless I'm a Kiwi, but I'm not in NZ - you'll be mailing to the US :)

  • @haitch worry not about your scribbles :) . i think i last wrote by hand in highscool... some time passed since, so expect the same from me when the time comes

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    @nameless I was 13 before I found out I need glasses, I blame my horrible scribble on the fact I couldn't see .............. :)

  • @haitch amazing service :D I want to have that in my assets :D

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    @Zeus Thanks - don't know why I didn't think of it years ago - Identity Verification adds so much additional trust.

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