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  • @qibucks it is nice to see you at burstcasino ^_^ good matches we had with the throne even if you won pretty much all of them hahaha

    For the dice game I saw your new approach and think it's a good way for now until you grow a bigger caution ^_^ Good luck!

  • @Zeus Awe thank you I am playing Adam's 81.148 one with 1.5 loss but starting from 1 burst bet lol..I am ready to sleep, let's hope I don't get wiped out in my last game hahahahahaha I did rains too, is fun and am level 2 now.. let's hope I still got some Burst to play tomorrow.. :) It's fun anyway and helps the Burst Casino asset too... I must come in the throne room tomorrow as well ....

  • Hello everyone ^_^

    After some days of the release of The Throne we decided to make some changes to the game.

    First, we changed the images used to go more with the casino, mods there all own a Greek god name, and we like to keep the site in that direction (the Greek mythology).

    We also added a little story, Zeus is going on a little vacation, and he needs to leave someone in charge, your mission is to know who will be the God that will be in charge while Zeus is away.

    And the second change is that we reduced by half each room price and profits. Instead of the minimum room costing 10 burst, now it costs 5 burst, it help have many more plays even if you don't have much burst to start with.

    I want to finish saying that the game is very popular and we have many times during the day where we see players trying to get a god before anyone else do. The chat became more active, and we had many new members that are becoming part of this little family.


  • This game is fun and everyone should play it just for enjoyment purposes... I am Greek also bit biased lol.

  • I was having a lot of fun playing Throne the other day. Haven't got to play with the greek gods yet tho, that's an interesting addition.

  • @k.coins lol I just finished dice and played few thrones..haha Poseidon having fun in there.. love it.. well see you all tomorrow..

  • sir I cant register. everytime I type in my info and click register, it wont do nothing.

  • @Zeus 0_1488084634051_Capture.PNG

    what did i do?

  • @stupendelious Just send support ticket, it happened to me once and it was because of a server upgrade, send them support ticket.

  • @qibucks okay thanks!

  • whys the server been down for 3-4 days now? any eta when its coming back up?

  • @elesdii Supposedly May 1st, 2017

  • Dear Mr. Zeus, I would love to be able to play with other Burst folks Texas Holdem poker at your casino, instead of dumping my hard earned at pokerstars & partypoker. Is that on your roadmap?

  • @rbcarruthers I 2nd the request! I Would love if Burst Casino Has Poker like Teaxas Holdem!


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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