what is best softwar for burstcoin and how i get mor coins !

  • i have windows 7 32 bit and i wont to chnged to 8.1 32 bit to use the last issue

    and i have 100 Tb storage starting next month so lats know your advice

  • @mahmoud66 For win7 32bit system you can use the original poc miner or runaurufu burst miner: jminer suffer the caching issues of win7 and blago doesn't work on 32bit (but I noticed that the last version can handle win7 64). The problem could be that jminer and blago miner are faster than the other programs, and reading fast your plots could be decisive with 100 TB... If your processor can run a 64bit OS, maybe you can try to set a win 8/10 64bit VMware image on your 32bit machine for run the miner, so you shouldn't have any "software bottleneck"...

    EDIT: Jminer and blago are the miners implemented in the all-in-one wallet

  • I think you should use the Burst wallet for windows. It has built-in faucets, miners and a plotter.

  • @Dario's-wallet thanks bro i will tray to change win7 to win8.1 then i will use wallet for windows because it all in one ploting and mining

  • @TMP thanks bro did the wallet work on windows 8.1

  • @mahmoud66 Yes, it does.

  • @TMP okay thanks bro

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