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  • @nameless You hold no voice on your asset, you invested in yourself and i am sure you would not be afraid you would ran away with the funds LOL ofc jk bro

  • @gpedro said in 402:

    @nameless You hold no voice on your asset, you invested in yourself and i am sure you would not be afraid you would ran away with the funds LOL ofc jk bro

    honestly i would be afraid if i ran away with my own funds. i don't trust myself around hookers... so as long as the money stays with the brokers, exchanges and other traders, we should be good :)

  • @nameless LOL you're a father now man, you should restrain yourself hahahaha

    But fair point i guess xP

  • @FrilledShark
    I vote to release the escrow

  • i say release it but i do not have that much of it :) altought i do buy in to it all the time i can :)

  • @nameless are you still burning dildos in the woods ?? we want our dividends ! :p

  • @Gadrah_ said in 402:

    @nameless are you still burning dildos in the woods ?? we want our dividends ! :p

    apologies for the delay :)

    i fell asleep the other night waiting for my polo withdrawals limit to reset.
    dividend has been paid for about 10 hours now, so we're good once more

  • because of the accelerated 402 expansion, it's becoming real hard to talk to people and coordinate on the forums alone. please join the new discord channel thing i made if you wish to participate in any way to this expansion.


    of course, regular progress updates and dividend payouts will be posted on the forum just like before. nothing changes except for the fact that i created the discord for the live communication thing

  • The escrow will be released.
    When @nameless sends me a message, I will transfer the escrow to a wallet of his choice.

    (Note:) The address has to have received a transaction from the main 402 wallet.


  • the funds have been redeemed. they will stay in the account as i need to buy burst anyway for the next 402 dividend so i just made an ''exchange'' with myself.

    the BTC i ''exchanged'' for the 500k released from escrow are already in trades and making money

  • Dear investors of the 402

    As I have previously announced, I’m expanding the fuck out our asset and as you’ve seen I already added a trader and about to add a second one.

    Well…. I’ve been a bus little bee and collected a whole bunch of the excess capital we had and expanded our previously non-existent mining operation.

    Starting from next week… 402 will be mining and stuff, and as promised all will be done through other people’s assets.

    So what happened is I made an OTC deal with crow and got us 400k shares of BURSITY to begin with :P
    That was 20 mil burst well spent lol

    Given that crow will be expanding BURSITY like a mofo, I thought why not get into this emerging asset and help us, him, and all the investors out in the process?

    Also, over the course of the next 5-6 months, our BURSITY portfolio will grow each week until we have 500k shares in total.

    Apart from that, 402 will be pledging a minimum weekly 200k burst buy support wall for BURSITY and soon to come for UNIBURST as well. Speaking of, we will pick up about 50k shares of UNI within the next few months as well.

    So yeah…I guess 402 has mining now and BIG TIME :D

    This is just the beginning stage of the expansion folks. There is something else planned to be announced hopefully within the next few weeks.

    I also started taking soil samples to determine which type of walnut tree can be planted on that property. Laugh all you want bitches, but 402 will have lots of nuts :D

    To sum it up…I just spent 20 mil burst worth of our excess funds gathered over the lifetime of newsilver and 402 and that’s just the beginning of it all.

    ​Thank you and please come again!

  • @nameless good move. People may laugh at things like farming, but it can indeed be quite profitable if done in the proper way... btw berries are also quite a good deal -- just saying :)

  • aand dividends again!

    i'll be starting a thread on both forums later today i think. there are 3 major issues in the asset that need to be debated. All and every form of input on the matters will be greatly appreciated. This is where the investors will make a very important decision on behalf of 402.

  • dividend just went out
    sorry for the delay kids.
    you know it wasn't intentional

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