• @nameless said in 402:

    @AndrewDD said in 402:

    @nameless I think what he is trying to say here is that if you are not a registered user on BurstNation and one clicks on your folder in the Asset Exchange there is nothing displayed.Do you have the folder marked as Member's only?

    oh that... shouldn't be member only... i'll ask the admins if they marked it like that.

    Just to say that as a Non member over on BN there is still nothing displayed on

    All About The 402 Asset - Information and Discussion

    Perhaps you could fix?


  • @RichBC , shit, i forgot about that. i'll ask right now

  • @nameless That would be good....

    Sorry for being out of touch, but I have NEWSILVER shares, should I be exchanging these for 402, and if so how?

    Thanks Rich

  • @RichBC haha, you're about 3 months late :D

    anyway, send the shares over to BURST-KZQV-7L7K-89K6-HXFGP and i'll redeem them for you

  • @nameless Totally missed it. I will send them over straight away.

    1,000 Shares winging their way now.



  • @nameless said in 402:

    Teaser trailer thingy :

    *402 has found its new trader. name and sex to be announced soon

    *i'm starting a buyback thing for the shares. to begin with, i will put about 10k burst per day behind the program, but as time goes by, i will be adding more to it

    *i already have a few picks for incubation coins. i'm trying to find a good way to present them and the portfolio that is to be built

    • i'm talking to someone about redesigning the website so that ALL the asset information can be found there and structured properly since i'm an idiot and tend to forget to organize stuff

    • 402 will be getting a more fucked up version of a faucet designed according to my twisted wish

    • dividends will be weekly, each thursday . i've confused people enough and might as well hammer thursdays in

    hello nameless, i read the announcement thread, it stated 402 assets doesn't pay dividend, Is it currently started to be paying dividend weekly?


  • @puremage111 yes, the asset got merged and is now paying divdends weekly.

  • @HiDevin said in 402:

    @puremage111 yes, the asset got merged and is now paying divdends weekly.

    what he said :)

    speaking of...i'm still struggling with this fucking wallet. bare with me kids

  • problem solved, dividend paid :)

    and on time like a boss

  • Hi 402 Investors,
    I have been contacted by @nameless about a release of the escrow written here: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/1464/500k/24

    It is currently consisting of 531'549.00 Burst in BURST-FSEZ-284V-LNXV-AFEX9.

    Because I am handling the escrow on behalf of the investors, it is not possible to release it with only @nameless 's word.

    Therefore, I need to know if it should be kept or released. A majority (of stakes) needs to decide, by 2017-05-01. If there is no clear (by more then 5%) majority within that date, the investors will have to decide by 2017-05-08. If there is no majority by then, @nameless will be able to contact me in 1 month about releasing the escrow once again.

    If I release the escrow, the account password will be deleted. Consider all transfers after the release date as burned.

  • the man speaks the truth.

    rather than have that 500k burst just sit there and do nothing, i'd rather just use it and fund our secondary trader and throw a little towards the incubation fund. it just drives me nuts to have money just sitting there

    choice is yours kids.

  • @FrilledShark You have my blessing to release it ;D
    BURST-2FBJ-SV63-QPQG-A6F6G - So you can check regarding those 5%... I'm pretty far from holding 5% but yeah LOL

    Checking those 5% will give you a lot of trouble i think but i like the way you are dealing with it mate ;P

  • admin

    @gpedro My shares say release the krakken funds.

  • @FrilledShark I vote to release the escrow (BURST-6UVY-U3JU-SYH6-AWRZ3).

  • i vote to release the fund's !! LET THIS $$ EARN MORE $$

  • i speak for adsactly and mr grey, which hold like 55% of the fund lol . plus i have 5% so lol on that as well
    they say yey :)
    but for the fun of it let's continue. 2 whales shouldn't decide. i want to hear the people's voice!

  • Aye mateyyy!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @nameless You hold no voice on your asset, you invested in yourself and i am sure you would not be afraid you would ran away with the funds LOL ofc jk bro

  • @gpedro said in 402:

    @nameless You hold no voice on your asset, you invested in yourself and i am sure you would not be afraid you would ran away with the funds LOL ofc jk bro

    honestly i would be afraid if i ran away with my own funds. i don't trust myself around hookers... so as long as the money stays with the brokers, exchanges and other traders, we should be good :)

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