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    This is the ADSactly Decentralized Crypto Fund that is helping fund all the projects that are within the ADSactly Community is bringing together!

    Currently Backed we are backed up by several projects that will be revealed when the time is right.

    ADSactly is Continuously helping fund the development of several Open Source Platforms within the OKCash, Burst, QORA and ADSactly Communities we are bringing together real Crypto Currencies, Tokens and Projects and People
    together to help them get exactly what they need when they need it most!

    Whether it be access to Affordable Marketing and Advertising Tools, C.R.M and Lead Generation, Development,
    Consulting, Education, and more the possibilities are endless!

    We aim to provide everybody a Fully Autonomous Open Source Platform that shares its wealth with
    all the Users of the Platform that are holding ADSactly Units.

    ADSactly has already started forming a new kind of Cooperative Crypto Bank,

    We might create our own or strategically align ourselves with a 24/7 Decentralized Staking Pool to
    allow for the users to earn staking rewards on their favorite crypto coins they wish to stake.

    Through the projects, companies we are associated with we will also teach
    Crypto Currency Trading, Mining, Security, Exchanges, etc.

    What exactly are ADSactly Units?

    ADSactly Units on the Burst Asset Exchange = 100,000,000

    ADSactly Units on the Horizon Asset Exchange = 100,000,000

    As a Bonus, we are giving all ADSactly Horizon Unit Holders on the Horizon Platform a Matching % of the
    total supply of ADSactly Units divided to all Holders of the ADSactly Units on the Horizon Asset Exchange.

    You will be able to purchase either the ADSactly Burst Units at a starting rate of 10 Burst each which would
    be 0.00001250 Satoshi for each unit if you would like to purchase with BTC, LTC, Ethereum, or any other
    crypto currency that is available on Coin Payments or Shapeshift etc.

    Please contact us privately.

    Here is the Address for the Asset on Burst.

    The Asset ID ----> 5567986790414164482

    If you are interested in learning more you can join us inside our Discord Community Channel.

    ADSactly Discord Community

    By Cooperating with various communities, non-profits, N.G.O's, companies, and organizations
    we are slowly forming a Strategic Alliance that will provide resources to everybody holding these
    Units for Generations to come.

    We hope you choose to join us and help take back this world from greedy corporations & corrupt
    governments, Bankers, and Politicians!

  • Dear boys and girls, this IS definitely one of the assets you want in your portfolio.

    Just like NEWSILVER , ADSactly is now a dual-platform asset. We both operate in HZ as well as BURST.

    ADSactly is my partner in crime and we're taking over the HZ community. Our common goal is to build up relationships with other coins as well, hence the sister assets over here in BURST. There's a lot more going on under the hood that we have yet to announce, but let's just say that BURST, Qora and HZ are starting to become very close friends and we're helping each other out.

    But anyway, have a close look at what ADSactly hast to bring to the table, and feel free to ask anything. We're here to help out.

    PS: i AM an ADSactly partner, but don't manage the asset. My only asset is NEWSILVER :)

  • There is no price for the asset in the exchange. Do we just type in 10 burst for the price to buy?

  • @socalguy yeah just do that. he'll put up the sale order in a sec. we're on skype right now. i'm giving him the BURST pep talk :)

  • @nameless Done :)

    I'm not going to be left behind this time!

  • @adsactly I love the idea but will it pay dividends to the asset how frequently? And from wich stream of revenue? can you elaborate a bit in that way?

    @socalguy @Hotdogler you guys just pre bought it LOL xD

  • @gpedro he has a shit ton of income streams. daily dividends :) , but most of the income stays behind to further grow the fund.

    When one buys into ADSactly , you're buying into a large holding fund + advertising network + a ton of other features :) .

  • What he said.

  • @gpedro It's a nameless backed asset.

    I was all like,


  • @nameless @adsactly I liked it and bought some, but i apreciate if you guys make a more detailed list of the income streams...

    @socalguy yeah i said exactly the same right now... so @adsactly if you do something bad in here you will stain the @nameless reputation, i believe this will not happen and i believe in this project so i will most likely invest more in the future but i think you guys should open a little more the game regarding to the streams, because as far as i know you can sell drugs as stream of revenue, i don't know nothing about it and be part of it LOL

  • yeah, just got some of these. :)

  • We will list everything that is backing ADSactly in due time however have you checked out the ADSactly Decentralized Fund?

    We have many crypto coins in that fund that we bought a very low prices for example Game Credits was purchased when it was only about 0.01 Cent a piece.

    We have an Advertising Exchange we are in the process of developing and its coming along quite nicely we will post more details when that is near completion.

  • @gpedro you bring up a fair point. This is but one of them:

    As you can see, there's $146,730 worth of coins in there , and by holding ADSactly shares, you're getting a part of that holding. As the value of the fund increases, so does the value of your shares.

    I'll let @adsactly explain the rest.

  • @nameless @adsactly I just saw that site @nameless said in there, that's what i'm talking about some real stuff we can watch hahaha

    I will wait for more information regarding to this but i am starting to understand the concept and i love it?!

  • Bought some ^_^

  • @gpedro there's a lot more info here:

    You can see all we're up to over there and our partner coins as well. You think BURST and Qora are our only friends? :)

  • @nameless This is only the beginning folks few people really know exactly what ADSactly is really capable of!

  • Really interesting. Will buy just a little bit now to see what you can do. Daily dividends starting when?

  • @JotaJota i'm gonna force his and and make him start tomorrow :)

  • @nameless Now we are talking! :D If you are into this a little bit, I'll bet some on this asset.

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