Step by Step Video Guides How to Use and Mine Burstcoin

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    Step by Step Video Guides how to mine Burst without the Windows Client by RiskyRandoms:

    Step by Step Video Guide How to Setup and Mine Burstcoin with the Windows Client:

    Asset Exchange:

    Escrow Service:



  • How did you get 21 million Burst haha?

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    @mathew This is not me nor my account in the video ;-)

  • Altoma here, after watching for the hundereth time, I should have figured this out days ago, I wasn't # 1 putting my Burst address in before trying to plot # 2 then I was putting the wrong address in finally got it to work it's plotting now, thanks Burst Team, Happy 4th

  • Do I have to wait fully downloaded blockchain before start plotting?

    How long does it take to fully downloaded blockchain?


  • @Axander No, you dont, make sure to put your address before plotting.
    download here the blockchan:

  • @mathew said:

    How did you get 21 million Burst haha?

    That is me. The answer to your question is... Same way as anyone else would! I just happened to start mining on day 1 of BURST release, and kept mining ever since. No, I didn't get nearly that many coins from mining alone, I also bought a whole lot of my BURST.

    Since BURST had a fair release, this means everyone has the same chance as anyone else to get big into the coin, by mining, or buying, or trading, releasing long standing assets and services. I simply chose to do all of the above! :)

  • guys why need to download blockchain must? and java ? instead BURST Wallet working fine at least tell me if im using BURST Wallet do i need download java and blockchain and how to setup blockchain into BURST?

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    @Rkant19 You can use the online wallet without issue, it's just that some people prefer running the wallet under their own control. Using an online wallet requires some trust - local wallet is trustless. Online wallet assumes you trust me not to mess with your account, and I promise I'm not messing with anyones accounts. :-)

  • @haitch what about blockchain? i just unistall java

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    @Rkant19 - if you use the online wallet you don't have to install anything.

  • what is advantages and disadvantages of online and offline Wallet and pls tellme about how to optimize plotting it's taking too much time on my system even i cancel and restart plotting many times but have not sucseed

  • hello not completing plotting suddenly stuck continuously first time 11% second time on 26% what is wrong im trying to plotting just 233gb can you please help me to get out of this and how much net speed required

  • plotting again stuck on 26% please help me to get out of this thanks

  • @Rkant19 said:

    plotting again stuck on 26% please help me to get out of this thanks

    please make your own thread for this question, and we will answer you. Thanks! I suggest in the plotting and mining section. :)

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