Burst Client for Windows v0.3.9 - All in One: Wallet, Plotting & Mining

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    Burst Win Client extends the original Burst Wallet (https://github.com/burst-team/burstcoin) with Plotter and Miner software from other developers. It is a helper tool for Windows User.

    The client uses our official online wallet https://wallet.burst-team.us and a local instance. I implemented an Account/Passphrase manager which saves your passphrases not in plain text in your wallet main directory.


    • Account Manager
    • Plotter & Miner (GUI for Janror's plotter and Blago's miner)
    • GPU assisted miner (Luxes' miner) available
    • Installation routine
    • Minimize to tray
    • Market Information
    • Simple integration of the Crowdfunding AT

    alt text


    Feedback and suggestions are very welcome.

    ! Burst Client is fully functional without a running / not fully synced local wallet !

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    Windows Client

    Windows Client 0.3.9

    • Stops wallet server softly to prevent db corruption
    • added Import / Export functionality for Contacts
    • Local Wallet sync status in footer
    • Blockchain sync in background
    • updated wellKnownPeers for faster start up
    • new pools
      + includes the latest core wallet 1.2.8 as local wallet

    Windows Client 0.3.8

    • replaced wplotgenerator with Xplotter v1.0 -> https://github.com/Blagodarenko/XPlotter
    • input of new pool + port possible
    • check if AVX is available
    • implementation of the Dividends+ Add-on (Local Wallet)
    • saves window state for next start
    • minor fixes and improvements

    Windows Client 0.3.7

    • new Burstcoin core version 1.2.7
    • added new pool
    • UI improvements

    Windows Client 0.3.6

    • 'expert mode' for plotting
    • added new pools
    • button to delete a corrupted db
    • UI improvements

    Windows Client 0.3.5

    • fixed 'socket errors'
    • fixed formatting of market cap
    • added new pools
    • minor improvements and bugfixes

    Windows Client 0.3.4

    • more robust local wallet start-up by haitch
    • newest jminer (v0.4.5) by luxe
    • fixed market information in footer
    • added links to faucets and iirc
    • minor bugfixes and improvements
    • added update notification when new client is available

    Windows Client 0.3.3

    • newest Burst Core Version 1.2.6
    • minor improvements

    Windows Client 0.3.1

    • newest Burst Core Version 1.2.5
    • new pools
    • improvements and bugfixes

    Windows Client Version 0.2 is out now! (for Burst Wallet 1.2.3)

    • GPU assisted mining (Luxes' miner) available! (new)
    • some bugfixes



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    Thanks @daWallet !
    I will test it in deep, in the next days ... looks really nice!
    Quite interested, how you managed it, to integrate jminer :-)

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    I don't want to call it "beta" with a similar button but I had no better idea for a design. If someone comes up with a better way to design the choice between miners I'm glad to listen to that.

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    CPU miner vs GPU Miner ?

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    @haitch I changed the design of the window and made it more clearly arranged.

    @crowetic There is actually a problem starting the local wallet with run_java_autodetect.bat with the newest java update. I encountered the problem 2 weeks ago. run_java_autodetect.bat doesn't work anymore. Anyone here feels like .bat-man and can help out modify run_java_autodetect.bat to start the java instance again? @administrators

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    I wrote run_java_autodetect.bat so I guess I can look at it ... ;-)

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    New version is out now! v0.2.0.2

    • no admin priviliges needed anymore (!)
    • robustness against java errors (thanks haitch)
    • fixed some missing files

    This time I recommend a deinstall of the old version. The new version will be installed in:

    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet (folder is hidden)

    You have to copy your passphrase(s) and the blockchain (burst_db folder) from /program files (x86)/BURST Wallet/
    to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet if you want to keep them.

  • Yea, I figured it was something simple, I love the new version BTW.

    Next suggested implementation... GPU plotter :) Then I'd say you're pretty complete. :D

    But I'm already to the point I can't live without the manager.

    OH! one other thing! - the script. We spoke about that, but just wanted to document it here as well, the asset payout script. THEN you're complete.

  • I am having some trouble with the Windows wallet:

    If I either choose the online or local wallet, it says "you are using an old browser which this application does not support".
    Also, I'm getting some errors when clicking on any of the other tabs, like Account Manager,/Crowdfunding/etc.
    See the screenshot for reference.

    Another error I'm getting, is that upon closing the wallet; it closes, yet both the Burst_Wallet.exe and javaw.exe files remain active in my taskmanager.

    I am using Vista, my Java is version 8 update 74.


  • admin

    The local and online wallet won't open because your Internet Explorer is really old. Maybe you can update your IE but with Windows Vista (which is from beginning of 2007) maybe it's not possible.

    The other errors you get are probably because of the GUIs dependencies to Windows functions that aren't supported with Vista..

    A workaround for you would be to download the portable .zip version of the wallet from my git and start Burst with run_java_autodetect.bat and then open the wallet in a modern browser like chrome or firefox with https://localhost:8125/

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    All IE below 11 are not longer supported, a good reason for updating ...

  • Hmm.

    Well, I never use IE at all (crappy explorer, I prefer Firefox), but since IE is so integrated with and version 11 is only supported starting from Windows 7, my Vista machine is kinda 'locked'.

    Are the plotter & miner versions/programs compatible with Vista, or are they also tied to a certain IE version?
    If so, I could use those and have them pointing toward an wallet at wallet.burst-team.us?

  • @daWallet , the portable .zip version you are referring about, do you have a link for me perhaps?

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    @George - zip download: https://github.com/dawallet/burstwindowswallet/archive/master.zip

    Plotter & Miner shouldn't be tied to any specific, but I'm assuming for wallet related functions it's utilizing IE on the system - why not upgrade to 10 ?


  • I can provide you with a downloadable copy of 10 if you'd like, just shoot me a PM

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  • admin

    Thanks for latest update ...
    Nice to see that you updated jminer to latest version :-)

  • admin

    @luxe You're welcome and updating it is the least I can do. You developed it. All thanks to you.

  • Hi! A beginner's guide to windows GPU mining in a pool would be very helpful indeed if anybody would have the time.
    Many thanks

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