• ​Hello everyone.
    I would like to make an announcement for my burst mining asset "RapidM."

    How does this work
    The asset is quite simple.
    I have a computer dedicated to mining and all of the earnings go out to the investors.
    Yes you read that correctly, 100% of earnings go out without even an electricity fee.
    This was one of the early assets that built on top of itself to grow its mining power.
    Currently there is 2.4 Tb mining, and that will surely grow.

    How often are payouts
    ​Payouts are generally every week on friday.
    The only exception is if something is going on and a payout can't be submitted for whatever reason.
    If that occurs the burst will just be paid out next time around or as soon as possible.

    How do I invest
    ​You just need to head over to the asset exchange and add the asset ID "987893097294384350"​​

    Thanks for your time and consideration!

  • Have you got pictures of your rig? Would love to see the setup. Also can you tell us what pool you are on? or maybe a link to your wallet?

  • @dethie Ill get a picture of my rig soon, nothing fancy but it'll do. I'm also mining on pool.burstcoin.eu.

  • @dethie Well done detective :D

  • The name of the asset on the exchange has been released (if you haven't already guessed it)

  • So, when your 10k shares are sold out, will you simply allocate more GB to the asset, or will you use the 100k Burst earned to go buy a hard drive or something like that?

    Can you please explain what you mean you will 'swap out the shares to a new one' after it is sold out?

  • @rapidfireman where are you mining?

  • @Propagandalf Im new to this and I didn't realize I could just create a higher quantity and release certain amounts after a while. So to fix it for the first time I will basically use the burst wallet share swap tool. And sorry for being unclear but 20% of the profit will go to buying a new hard drive once the shares are sold out.

  • @stupendelious As in the pool or...?

  • @rapidfireman nevermind i found your plot on eu.

    Looks promising but i want some FIRM evidence this is not a scam cause i have learned my lesson from other "assets."
    Give us some more info about your setup

  • I realized I may not have been the very clear about things so please feel free to ask me questions.

  • @stupendelious I will get a picture soon, as I said before its not the fanciest thing, but I guess I could give the specs for now if that helps.
    Im actually running the hard drives on my mothers old computer. Its rather old but it gets the job done. The processor is an amd Phenom X3 710. It has 4gb of DDR2 ram I believe. Also it has an r7 250 which is also not the most powerful thing but gets the job done for plotting. Now for the "good stuff." In the machine there was a 500gb hard drive and about 200gb is being dedicated to things like software. Then I put two 300gb hard drives I had lying around into it. If you need any more info let me know, and as I said I will get the picture soon.

  • @rapidfireman very cool, i would love a picture of it with a poster of RapidM

  • What kind of upgrade will you be doing for $15 usd? that's if burst is going to stay at the price it is.

  • @dethie 100000 burst is like $70

  • @dethie Well, it would have been better if I had realized I could do multiple releases, but this is my first asset and mistakes will be made, so forgive me. But 15 dollars will be an okay upgrade from before.

  • @stupendelious Yeah but he said he is using 20% of it for upgrades

  • @dethie i think he means earnings from hard drives not actually asset funds

  • @stupendelious Is a piece of paper with RapidM on it good enough?

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