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    Sure, the information provided here is applicable to all pools that use this method which is all that I am aware of. The graphic and metrics on the right are the payouts if the pool finds the current block. The metric on the rights is the payouts if the current block is found by the pool and is based on your DL submissions for the past 50 blocks to ensure a more even distribution of rewards. In short when a block is found 49% of the payout goes to the metric on the left, 49% of the payout is the metric on the right and 2% goes to the pool owner. We had for a while a 50TB miner in the pool so that we would receive small payouts once in a while at the 50TB miner would get 95% of the total reward because typically it had the best deadlines. When we do get our first natural block which will happen (it's just a matter of time and luck) The payouts are huge compared to our mining size.

    Is for your answer on how much plot am I using, IceBurstTV which runs on an Android TV box 24/7 is using 28GB of Plots. AndroidAlpha which a simulator that I develop in is a 7GB plot. @daWallet I believe is using a much larger plot on an older phone and is asking for the speed optimizations as I believe he is 60+GB on the phone.

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  • @IceBurst That makes a lot of sense actually. I am still curious about the payout times/requirements for this pool. I've noticed that it isn't like the pool, in being 300+ Burst or 24 hours. Aside from that, I'm not really seeing much of a problem with the app. The pool hasn't had any down time that I've seen and the only thing that I've really seen as taking a long time is the plotting. The return for that time is almost instantaneous.

    Only other thing that is still bothering me is that the app won't find my "external" sd card.

  • @daWallet

    Just know I have had a second instance of plots being deleted from the sd card "by themselves".Any idea why this is happening?

  • Cannot login on any of my account after the recent update. Logging in using the save passphrase.

    All account showing "Incorrect Account"

  • well i see someone with 5tb kick please

  • @Rendavu said in Android Mining Beta Testing - Become a Tester!:

    well i see someone with 5tb kick please

    In the process of doing so

  • @Focus no mercy

  • @Rendavu said in Android Mining Beta Testing - Become a Tester!:

    @Focus no mercy

    Not that. There are 2 pools to mine on, the mobile pool for those with 1TB Max, in case they are mining on an android box and the regular pool. Part of the regular pool's fees go to the Android miner's as bonus.

    So how we are fixing it is with the new update today in the play store. It changes the url to the pool for the mobile miners, and once that is done the url will change to the big miner pool.

    That way, the mobile miners will not be affected in any way and the big miners will see the message of incorrect reward assignment.

    If they ask on the forums why then we can explain to them that they were on the wrong pool

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    Iceburst the main dev of the Android App has started a new thread:

    I will close this here now. Job done.

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