Burst.Ninja and Pool.Burst-Team.us info

  • @haitch Up , but 10 blocks behind and the site looks funny to

  • Plz , give me a break,,now i need to reput my rewardassigment again,,,,And who takes care of Eu,,i STILL havent got my coins !!!!

  • admin

    @bytheseaster I'll get the EU payouts checked when I can. I'm at work, and taking care of the pools when I can.

    BIZ wallet is catching up, its just taking a while to get past a couple of blocks. You won't need to redo the award assignment, just wait for it's wallet to catch up.

  • admin

    @bytheseaster If you are unhappy with the pools - you are free to change to any other pool or mine solo.

    Haitch is paying much more out on the pools because of the downtimes than you would mine regularly. Please give us a break. There is no guarantee for 100% uptime.

  • @daWallet except in ponzis hahaha

  • Needs a trollbox, and also I'd like a history of my own stats, like my deadline for all past rounds, and any blocks I found.

  • Hello everybody,
    I've 40tb of memories, and I was mining at pool.burst-team.us/, was everything ok till last week when is started to show "confirmation failed 10054". Is not all the time but after two blocks is start to make this error, one or two minutes, and than again same, blocks-error..
    I've changed pool, I've set up /.biz, but I'm not so happy with payments, I've got 130burst for 16hours what is ridiculous nothing for capacity what I've.
    Do you have some advice for some better pool or maybe you know what is wrong with /pool.us.
    Thanks in advance.
    Good mining to everyone.

  • admin

    @DeMiBo There's nothing wrong with the pool. Sometimes it's just too busy processing submitted deadlines to get confirmations out in a timely manner.

  • @haitch, thank you for fast answer.
    Anyway I would like your opinion, what is better pool for me, /us or /ninja.
    Thanks again for your time

  • admin

    @DeMiBo With 40TB you should be fine to mine on any of the pools - each should pay about the same over the long term.

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