[SCAM] BurstVest

  • Another update. We had some people buy up more assets. There are some orders for Burst Games that will come through as soon as zeus releases the next batch. Thstake was on the cheap today, so I got a surplus of that for ht same amount of burst that I paid for Bursteam and Burstaker. So here is the current wallet inventory. Minus the Burst Games order.

    Any future assets that get added will be discussed here. If that does happen, I would appreciate it if most of the shareholders make an appearance because there are some good assets coming up.

  • Important Announcement

    that I need some people to answer. Crowetic has mentioned that he will be making a GPU altcoin mining asset that transfers to burst. In it's infancy the price might be more likely to ROI than the current mining assets. I am suggesting that as soon as it comes out to grab a bunch of the asset to see the dividends. I'm thinking this will be a very safe investment because it is Crowetic. What do you guys think?

  • Damn need to invest some more! great idea

  • Amendment to the allocation percentages seen at the top.

    • Changed BURSTeam to 10%
    • Added BSilver at 10%
    • Changed Future asset fund to 10%

  • Bought 10 Assets.

  • Burst Games is releasing this week. The dividends from Burst Games will probably be better next month because it will be active the whole month. Expect lower dividends from Burst Games this month when I compile the revenue.

  • I'm looking forward to the dividends from the assets this month. As soon as they all come in, I will post the dividends and the bonus and how much each asset holder gets.

  • The dividend really sucked this month because the only two assets that have paid so far are BURSTize and thstake. thstake also took a hit because hyperstake got dumped. I made up for a lot from my own personal wallet. Y'all can thank me later ;)

    Hopefully the next one will be better. It won't have a bonus, but it will still have all the assets payments.

    Here's the payout.

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    7500, BURST-9SPU-XSHK-B238-5LRKM, 11224.01588625
    3500, BURST-M5NK-M24U-8SDM-53TJ2, 5237.87408025
    2400, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 3591.6850836
    1000, BURST-GGPX-PP5S-LAGP-CBGCU, 1496.5354515
    500, BURST-PT54-8A45-ZX2L-5426V, 748.26772575
    500, BURST-JPMC-43FN-S76X-6RX3W, 748.26772575
    500, BURST-2CYU-BZCC-5J3J-33CG8, 748.26772575
    100, BURST-EMQX-VH4Z-XSH6-D8Q4D, 149.65354515
    100, BURST-MCW6-T7K6-B68K-FCPGG, 149.65354515
    100, BURST-9RTS-NBCW-CVPF-5V64L, 149.65354515
    50, BURST-FRJC-98TC-GQN7-FP4ZY, 74.82677258
    20, BURST-3P63-43TE-XK5J-DN5ZS, 29.93070903
    20, BURST-LU3K-L8T7-3C66-63W5K, 29.93070903
    10, BURST-YDZE-BTHA-QP7P-9U7XP, 14.96535452
    7, BURST-UH7A-TBT9-L8AB-CLT8P, 10.47574816
    7, BURST-AEUF-Y64M-PH2C-4QWDL, 10.47574816
    6, BURST-RDQH-SNSH-2WDE-6WXVN, 8.97921271
    1, BURST-QDET-GTEN-VV4W-EKJVD, 1.49653545
    0.03, BURST-JYHR-SPXP-YT22-5F4KM, 0.04489606


  • admin

    This "asset" is a probable scam, and all users are advised to not invest in it. If user "ddos" wants to contact me and explain the situation, I'll consider unlocking this thread and removing the scam label - but for now, just don't invest in it.

    Thread locked.

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